Scofflaw Brewing Opens in Atlanta


Soon to arrive on Atlanta’s craft brewery scene will be the scientifically induced and tastefully created beers of Scofflaw Brewing, which is opening its doors to the public in September.

By Alan Fowler

Some may have already seen a few of their beers flowing through the taps in local joints (you can find them at Ponce City Market), but their official opening will come during the first signs of Fall. Scofflaw will provide an enthused take on a few style favorites, including two versions of an IPA- their “Basement IPA” and the “Westside IPA. They also have a Pale Ale (“Slim the Pale Ale”) and a Wheat Beer (“Sneaky Wheat”). All four are sure to provide a pleasant surprise to the palate, as each stay true to their style while also displaying a few charismatic notes unique to Scofflaw.


Scofflaw Brewery opens to the public September 17th.

The Westside IPA was particularly refreshing, with a crispness form start to finish and flavors of liquid caramel. Every IPA has its trademarked bitterness, but the Westside continued to have flavor even during the bitter moments. Off the tap, this beer is incredibly refreshing and matches very well with the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall. This beer will be a great companion to grillers of steaks, wings, fish, and veggies if absolutely necessary. Take Westside IPA to the game, to the lake, or just to the local backyard cookout…it travels well.

Another beer that was as unique as it was enjoyable was the Sneaky Wheat. With a hazy color that preludes the depthy flavors to come, this beer is photogenic and tasty.  The wheat is on the heavier side, which helps to keep the flavor on the tongue a bit longer, kind of like when your favorite band surprises you by adding a guitar solo to the end of your favorite song. Flavors of coriander and orange are prominent, with subtle spices throughout. And at 8% ABV, it is bold and flavorful while somehow concealing the high alcohol content…so beware.

With four beers in their current line up, Scofflaw has laid a solid foundation to begin their voyage into the Atlanta craft beer seas. It has been two years of hard labor and endless research by the folks of Scofflaw to arrive at this embarkment, but the rewards of that hard labor are upon us and well worth the wait. Be sure to keep an eye out for Scofflaw at your local bar or pub, and make plans to visit the brewery when doors open on September 17.

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