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Seafood Tortas: Easy Party Food Solution

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Back around the Holidays, Inland Seafood sent me some of their new Seafood Tortas to sample. These Tortas are soft cheese topped with seafood and ingredients like artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes, making them seem perfect to serve at parties.

They come packaged in a plastic cup and sealed with plastic as well. This makes it easy to store and serve. I kept them in my fridge for just over a week and they were still very fresh.

To serve, simply turn the Torta over, pop it out on your desired serving plate, surround with crackers, crusty bread or assorted vegetables and you’ve got a quick and tasty dish no one will be able to resist. I may or may not have eaten two all by myself.

These Tortas are combinations of layered soft cheeses. Choose from Crab and Artichoke garnished with Sundried Tomatoes, Smoked Salmon with Ginger, Sesame, and Wasabi, Maine Lobster with Roasted Corn and Basil, and Shrimp Provencal garnished with Roasted Tomatoes Zucchini, and Basil. They are available at local grocers, and retail for only $3.99.

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  • Word on the street says Park Tavern makes you tie up the dogs outside the fence. Can you confirm if they allow them on the patio still?

  • New dinner menu is void of sandwiches!
    Terrible, and even more overpriced.
    Most items offered are weird.
    Burger only survivor, and was flaccid.
    Mexican sugar can coke is dangerous unless you want sugar overdose.
    Coke Zero was not available
    Mac and Cheese for dinner?
    Can make that at home for nothing.

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