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There’s more to Atlanta’s Serenbe than theatre – enjoy the Inn, Farmhouse and grounds

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The Inn and the Farmhouse at Serenbe in Atlanta make for a super staycation. Here’s how to spend 24 hours at Serenbe in Palmetto, GA.

Many of us know Serenbe Playhouse but did you know there’s so much more to Serenbe than just it’s playhouse?

Inn at Serenbe room Roamilicious

Comfortable rooms at Serenbe

The Inn at Serenbe

You’ll have to drive quite a bit after getting off the interstate to get to Serenbe. But the payoff is worth it when you see how beautiful this place is. Look for the signs that say Inn at Serenbe or Farmhouse. That’s how you’ll know where to park. I wish they would have a paved lot instead of the gravel one, but maybe that will be updated at some point.

It is a short walk to Guest services from the parking lot and they will provide all the information you need to enjoy your stay at Serenbe. The Inn, rather than a typical hotel with many floors and elevators is smaller and a short walk from the guest services location to where the rooms are located. I loved the high ceilings of our room and the modern and light decor.

I also loved the layout of the bathroom. It has beautiful subway tile and marble throughout. The shower and tub though separated are both positioned inside a glass door.

During our stay there were mostly adults here but some families. Despite one group of moms and their uncontrollable kids, we didn’t see too many children, which was appreciated.


The Farmhouse at Serenbe

Farmhouse at Serenbe Roamilicious

Romantic dinner at Serenbe Farmhouse

Directly connected to the Inn is the Farmhouse where you’ll dine. Note that breakfast is included in your stay. Though the breakfast is a somewhat limited menu of only about 3 choices, it is still nice to know it is included in the stay.

When Serenbe opened years ago, Nicolas Bour oversaw the opening. Now he’s back and is in charge of all the dining at Serenbe and brining in touches of his French roots. We met briefly, and he was very charismatic. I knew I had to try the tomato tart that was his grandmother’s recipe. Rich and decadent, the dish was perfect. See it below right.

restaurant review serenbe farmhouse atlanta roamilicious

L: Sipping on a perfect Moscow Mule, R: Tomato Tart

Lamb was delicious too at the Farmhouse. It was a very rich meal, so we opted to skip dessert for the time being and have it later which was a good choice on our part. We did love the apple dessert we dined on after the play. Note that one the nights when their are performances everyone wants to dine at the restaurant, so do make reservations ahead of time. Of course, there are more casual restaurants located on the Serenbe property but you will need to to drive or take a golf cart to get to the them.

farmhouse serenbe atlanta review - Roamilicious

Get the lamb chops at the Farmhouse at Serenbe

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we headed to dinner, we hopped in a golf cart (guests can rent them for 24 hours) and tooled all around the grounds at Serenbe. We discovered many cool vistas and they even have horses if you would like to go horseback riding. I like horses from a distance, but to each his own. 😉

serenbe atlanta attraction Roamilicious

Lots to discover at Serenbe estate

serenbe farms atlanta attraction roamilicious

While skirting around Serenbe in our golf cart, we stumbled upon some cool rock formations, animals and I even discovered what I think is the chandelier used in Titanic. I shared that BTS photo in my Instagram stories. What? We’re not Insta friends? Be sure and follow me so we can change that, k?

After the show, we continued playing at Serenbe going for a night swim. I love that there’s a large covered area with sofas and tables if you want to hang out there other than sit right by the pool. We enjoyed the pool so much, that we went back the next morning before leaving.

weekend atlanta serenbe getaway Roamilicious

Bring your swimsuit when you visit Serenbe!

I wish Serenbe was a bit closer to me. It’s just far enough that you need to spend the night if you are seeing a show. But I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Serenbe Inn and Farmhouse as I’m sure you will too. Rates are just under $200 per night and with all there is to do and see and that breakfast is included makes it a great weekend escape!

afternoon tea atlanta serenbe roamilicious

Enjoying morning coffee at Serenbe

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