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Shula’s 347 Grill

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By Guest Blogger – Sean Ellis

Someone has a new menu!!

This is my first time at  Don Shula’s Steakhouse. Little did I know that they have a full featured restaurant outside of the white-tablecloth fine dining establishment. Shula’s 347 Grill is an upscale sports bar of sorts that is located at 3405 Lenox Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30326-1308. The inside is immaculate. Here’s a professional shot of what you can expect when you show up.

New (or reconfigured) on the menu – that we tried is the Buffalo Shrimp, Sweet Potato Fries, Crab Cakes, Ahi Tuna, Spicy Meatballs, Calamari Fries, Tempura Asparagus, and Sweet Chili Chicken. Here’s a copy of the Menu for their own description. Courtesy of Karen Canavan PR I sampled the above. My brief description:

Buffalo Shrimp – Nice light and tasty. Tempura fried gives it a nice texture and flavor

Sweet Potato Fries – Typical, nothing special, but still delicious

Crab Cakes – I continue to be impressed by crab cakes at steak houses. Excellent lump meat, good (not great) flavors – depending on the quantity, it’d be a solid appetizer with friends

Ahi Tuna – The wasabi cream made the tuna sing

Spicy Meatballs – YES! I love meatballs as an appetizer

Calamari Fries – I don’t think I’ve ever had calamari in fry-form. They had a really good texture.

Tempura Asparagus – I’m a fan of tempura frying, it’s more healthy than the heavy bread coating on most things. These asparagi were forgettable.

Sweet Chili Chicken – Sweet Thai Chili Sauce is pretty delicious on most things. If you’re a fan of that sauce, this appetizer rocks. However, it’s pretty uninventive.

I’d go back. 7.5/10

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