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SnowVille Shavery: shaved ice with a twist (VIDEO)

Taiwan shaved snow ice

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This is not your parent’s shaved ice, this is healthy and delicious shaved ice you won’t find in most places. Try it once and you’ll fall in love with Taiwanese style shaved ice.

When I was a kid, one of the treats we’d get during summer was shaved ice. This consisted of crushed ice topped of with your choice of sweet, sugary syrup that would permeate the ice pieces. My brother and I loved it, as did my diabetic dad. While shaved ice is a treat for kids, my grown up palate craves more. So, when my friend, Lia, asked me to go for shaved ice, I was like, “really?, why?” but obliged anyway as it was a good opportunity to catch up.

Shaved Snow hails from Taiwan and is cross between ice-cream and the traditional shaved ice dessert.

Shaved Snow Ice

Taro flavored shaved ice (snow) with lychee, blueberries and pomegranates at Snowville Shavery

The bright, bold purple decor was definitely different from the walk up kiosk I remember as a kid. But that wasn’t the only difference at this shaved ice spot. Here, ice is more than crushed, instead having an almost powdery consistency that melts the moment it touches your tongue. Besides picking from flavors like Matcha, Taro, Mango, Coconut, etc, you’ll also pick from quality toppings for your shaved ice. Think toppings like kiwi, strawberry, lychee and pomegranate.

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I got the taro flavor. Did you know that taro is actually very similar to a potato? And the owner told me that the huge portion of shaved ice (not including toppings I requested) is only 165 calories, give or take a few. What!?! Lia and I are skipping real food and heading back for lunch again this week. I mean, this is technically, healthy eating, right? The difficult question is what flavor I of shaved ice I should opt for this time. I’m thinking mango…

Check out the video of shaved ice from Snowville Shavery below.

Snowville Shavery also serves Bubble Tea and French Macarons in addition to shaved ice! Snowville Shavery is located in Marietta.

Disclosure: Our samples at Snowville Shavery were complimentary.

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