so right entree reviews

So Right frozen entrees product review

Believe it or not, I don’t always get to go out and eat fabulous meals. As much as I’d love to eat things like pimento cheese slathered bacon burgers, my waistline doesn’t agree with that. Many food bloggers are blessed with the ability to eat whatever they want and never become overweight. But that’s not me. In fact, my weight is something I’ve struggled with all my life.

To that end, I’ve made it a point to try and eat healthy or low fat, while still eating real food. I always read nutritional labels and avoid fake ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, margarine, and other chemical laden food.

so right entree review

Packaging is difficult to tear open

Though I don’t eat frozen meals daily, the frozen low fat kind like Lean Cuisine are something that have a couple times a week. But I do love variety and a good deal, so when I saw the So Right brand at my local Kroger for 3 / $5 I picked up a couple – 2 Caribbean Inspired Chicken and the Chicken Burrito. These two varieties were low in fat and calories compared to the other varieties like Sriracha Chicken Mac and Cheese or Chorizo with Pasta. To be clear, this is a not a low fat brand by design, it was just these two that happened to be lower fat.

While both of the meals were tasty, I definitely liked the Caribbean Chicken better. With one exception. Portion size is way too small. I get that the point is not to have excessive size or calories, having eaten my share of Lean Cuisine entrees, Michelina’s and Smart Ones, this is the one frozen entree I’ve felt far from satiated after consuming.

Beyond that, the packaging is a struggle to get open. Unlike Michelina’s which I am able to easily tear the side, the So Right brand never opens properly. Also, the entrees seem ridiculously high in carbs. While I realize you can’t have low everything, the 44 grams of carbs in the Caribbean Chicken as opposed to my Michelina pasta dish which had only 36 grams and was full of pasta seemed crazy. Perhaps that is why I was hungry shortly after having it, as it was low on protein and high on carbs.

For the price and taste, the So Right frozen meals are decent, but you’ll probably find yourself getting hungry a couple hours after feasting on it.

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