Top 16 Socially Distant Things You Can Do in New York


There are a lot of fun things that you can do in New York despite the pandemic. The state’s infection rate has been below one percent for a couple of months now. And the governor has opened the doors for visitors to come in. Museums are being reopened with safety protocols in place. However, the admission has been limited to 25 percent capacity. More cultural venues have been reopened in recent months and they include horse-drawn rides in Central Park and the return of Boo at the Zoo at Bronx Zoo.

More than ten thousand venues are serving including five thousand places that you can eat outside. More than three hundred streets have been closed to expand the outdoor sections of restaurants. Shopping malls have also been given the green light to reopen.

  1. Fall Foliage Cruises

Fall Foliage Cruises are back. The Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises is back. It departs from Pier 83 Midtown Manhattan and cruises under the George Washington Bridge and turns at Hook Mt. The ship sails from 3rd October to 31st October on Saturdays and Sundays. Onboard Food and beverage options are sandwiches, salads, pizza, snacks, and bratwurst.

Plus, a bar that serves cold beverages, wine, beer, and cocktails. As long as the pandemic lasts, the boats will be thoroughly cleaned every single day. And guests will be required to wear facemasks all the time. All parties will have to adhere to social distancing rules. And food and beverages will not be served inside the boat.

Additionally, the Circle Line will take kids on a free tour known as the Landmarks cruise. Landmarks will be available every day except Tuesday. It will start from noon and head down to the Statue of Liberty where selfies can be taken. And then under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges for more beautiful shots.

All Circle Line boats are spacious and will adhere to social distancing rules. The boats also have stands where children-friendly foods like hot dogs and pizza and drinks can be purchased. There are discounts and offers that you can make use of to save your hard-earned cash.

2. Hot Tub Boat Tours in New York City

Boat tours offer a great opportunity to relax with a few people. You are going to enjoy the unique hot tub boat tour experience. The boat carries a maximum of twenty people with eight in each tub at any one time. It is an awesome activity for people who want to hold small parties while following social distancing rules.

3. Virtual tours in New York City

In recent years, art galleries have been offering virtual tours to help people who are far away. Not only are they convenient but also a great opportunity for people to enjoy different art forms while following social distancing guidelines.

4. Sky-high yoga in New York City

The highest outdoor deck in the Western Hemisphere is back to restore your health. Edge offers a 360-degree view with an amazing view of the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, and One World Trade Center. From this Friday, you will get the chance to enjoy a socially distant yoga session.

Edge together with Equinox Hudson Yards has partnered to offer a sky-high yoga experience that integrates fitness with a beautiful atmosphere. There will be morning yoga classes on the 100th floor of the building. Tickets are usually released every week. All equipment and mats will be provided by the Equinox Hudson Yard.

5. Free Fitness in New York City

Do you enjoy listening to salsa music? If yes, this class will be ideal for you. The Latin Dance Champion, Brianna will introduce you to everything you need to know including timing, rhythm, and footwork. You don’t have to come with a partner since there will be social distancing protocols in place.

You’ll get the opportunity to focus on your body movement and coordination. This class will take place from 10 AM to McCarren Park in Brooklyn. It will also be live-streamed for home viewers. You won’t have to pay for anything to attend the classes. However, you’ll pay a refundable fee of $5 to hold the space.

6. Jazz in Central Park in New York City

Dena and Jimmy, the creators of Giant Step Arts are dedicated to supporting visionary jazz musicians. And they have taken their program to Central Park. The Walk with the Wind series comprises of free performances in Central Park that honor John Lewis. The show takes place in the mall at 1 pm every day. It features the famous saxophonist Nicole Glover, drummer Nic Cacioppo, and bassist Daniel Duke.

7. The Hawaiian Brunch in New York City

Noreetuh, a modern Hawaiian restaurant is bringing back Brunch. You can head to the East Village for elevated takes island favorites like beef bowls, chicken loco moco or the Hawaiian breakfast plate with kimchi, eggs, macaroni salad, and Hawaiian rolls. You can also take the Kona Longboard Lager, wine, Tight Lager, and Sunday Beer Light. Brunch is available for outdoor and indoor dining.

8. Madame Tussauds at Broadway in New York City

Madame Tussauds is bringing the taste of Broadway to New York City every Saturday starting from October 10th. The event will start with a series of performances of the glamorous A list. Every Saturday will feature a popular Broadway performer starting with Ali Ewoldt who has been featured in the Phantom of the Opera as Christine. The show will continue to bring amazing guests to bring magic to life. All performances will start at 2 pm.

9. Seaport Museum in New York City

If you are a lover of history, you need to get out of your house and head to the South Street Seaport Museum. This museum will open up the 1885 Wavertree for everyone. The Wavertree was built back in 1885 in Southampton, England. And it was one of the largest iron sailing ships.

She was fully restored and started serving back in 1967. The ship has played an integral role in South Street since 1968. And it serves as the flagship of the fleet at the museum. Entry starts from the 10th of October and slotted times are available from 11 am to 5 pm.

10. Art and style in New York City

You can get the chance to shop for style and art simultaneously at the Long Gallery Harlem. It has mounted a brand new installation in Nordstrom NYC. You can view the art and styles like the Black Expression Styling and Fashion celebrates new styles in the Black Culture on 29th October. Fifteen popular artists will be represented. This means that you’ll get the chance to see a wide range of amazing works here.

11. Learn a new language while staying socially distant in New York 

The gifted language tutors at Collina Italiana on the North East Side are eager to share their language and culture. They want to give their students a chance to feel connected with the live and vibrant heart of Italia. The faculty understands that learning is not just about following the rules and mastering grammar. This is why most classes are dedicated to Italian travel, politics, culture, food, and literature to name a few.

The philosophy of the school is all about helping New Yorkers learn the beautiful culture through the experience of talented instructors. Whether you want to learn Italian so that you can speak with Italian locals or learn how to pronounce difficult words right, Collina Italiana will help you achieve your goal and soar beyond your expectations.

Fall classes are now available. There are private in-person and online classes for both kids and adults. At Collina Italiana, health and safety always come first, especially for in-person learning.

12. The dog museum is a socially distance experience in New York City 

The Museum of the Dog was founded back in 1982 by the American Kennel Club. After shutting down for a couple of months, the museum is back in New York City. And it’s way better than we imagined. You are going to enjoy the deep catalog of dog art and interactive displays.

A new addition to the museum is the Presidential Dogs exhibition which was opened up on September 8th and continues through to 3rd January 2021. The exhibit is focused on breeds that have lived with famous American presidents at the White House. You’ll get to see specific presidential dogs such as George Washington’s Foxhounds to the Water Dogs of the Portuguese.

13.The Artechouse reopening in New York City 

Once you arrive at the Chelsea Market, you’ll get the chance to experience ARTECHOUSE, an immersive space that was reopened on 3rd September after several months of temporary closure due to the pandemic. The venue will be reopened and inaugurated with kinetic audiovisual performances and the installation of the multimedia artist Fujimoto from Japan.

The exhibit conveys the sensational feeling of getting into a spaceship and being the audience of an orchestra made of light. Technical know-how and minimalism will be on display as the art builds and shifts with sound complements. You’ll get the chance to see this installation on October 14th. Artechouse is following strict social distancing guidelines by limiting capacity and implementing health and maintaining high hygiene.

14. The video game experience in New York City

You will get the opportunity to enjoy an immersive video game experience as Brooklyn opens up with strict health and safety measures. The ultimate video game, Beat the Bomb, is perfect for small groups, families, quaranteams, and learning pods who are looking forward to new experiences. Think of it as an escape from your normal routine.

The experience that lasts for a couple of hours features a series of four games that have been divided into different sections. This allows the smooth flow of groups while separating them to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed. The goal of this game is to earn time before the bomb goes off by unlocking new levels. You then disarm the bomb before you run out of time.

15. Brooklyn Beers in New York City

The New York City Beer, Sixpoint is back with a blast. Their program has made a triumphant return into the market with extra hours in the courtyard brewery. At the moment, there are more ways to get a beer. Thanks to their delivery service, you can get beer anywhere in the state. You can enjoy a distant brew in the garden from this weekend at 40 Van Dyke St. The facility opens from noon to 7 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday. Masks will be required and you’ll be asked to stay seated while drinking.

16. Rooftop Sushi in New York City

If you want to experience an oasis of the best sushi, you need to visit the Sanctuary Hotel in New York and its Sushi Rooftop. The scene is spacious, lively, and vibrant. Health and social distancing guidelines are strictly followed in this area. Apart from the delicious sushi, you’ll find other Japanese accompaniments that will excite your taste buds. The chef will be serving a selection of ten unique courses together with fresh salads.

New York City is filled with facilities that offer fun and fulfilling activities for both individuals and groups. Since we’ve been spending too much time at home, now is the time to get out there and explore what you’ve been missing out all this time. All the facilities that we’ve mentioned in this article follow strict social distancing guidelines.

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