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Tips for Traveling Abroad – How to Prevent Hangover Anxiety


Traveling is one of the finer things in life. Exploring other countries and discovering their cultures, making memories, and gaining valuable life experiences.

However, travel can, unfortunately, trigger panic and anxiety symptoms for many people out there.

If you suffer from panic disorder and anxiety, it can be a variety of factors which cause it. Some people experience panic attacks and anxiety-related symptoms which are brought on by flying, being at risk of danger, or feeling insecure. For others, it can be physical factors that bring it anxiety battles, such as anxiety around food poisoning, alcohol, and hangovers, or even being struck down with an illness.

It’s a shame to ruin your experiences when traveling abroad by being hung up of hangover anxiety or worrying about illness. Fortunately, you can keep your anxiety under control by following certain methods. Below are several steps to keep in mind when you next travel abroad:

Prepare in advance

When planning your abroad trip, prepare how you’re going to deal with your symptoms. The anticipation of going away and dealing with any anxieties will only bring on more stress and worry.

Have a plan in place which incorporates coping skills. For example, if you suffer hangover anxiety, plan how you will limit your alcohol intake when traveling, looking at alternative drinks you can have. There are also many hangover supplements and B vitamin complexes which can help how you feel the next day, so investigate these before traveling.

For any aspects or nervousness or fear, research into the deep breathing techniques or meditation you can carry out while you are traveling. 

Look into distractions

It’s common to focus more on any anxieties and worries when you are traveling. One way to manage them is to try and distract yourself in advance. The key is to shift your mind from worrying about your thoughts and sensations, and instead concentrate on activities. It’s about absorbing your mind in other activities.

Bring a new book with you that suits your interests. Put together a playlist of songs you can get lost into. Bring travel games with you that you can play with others to encourage fun during any downtimes.

It’s about turning your negative thoughts upside down and being distracted by various other more positive things going on.

Don’t fight your anxieties

If your symptoms become too much, one of the best approaches is to embrace them and deal with your worries, rather than fighting. Those who suffer anxieties around hangovers find it usually arises in the morning after a night out, where you become filled with panic about what you did or said, or how much you drank.

If this happens to you, simply accept that your anxiety has heightened, and let it run its course. It will rarely last all day, so try to remember to surrender to any symptoms, reminding yourself that they will pass over soon enough.

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Travel with someone you trust

If you travel with someone who understands your anxieties or panic disorders, you will instantly feel safer. If they’re aware of your feelings and worries, they will be able to assist and comfort you should you start to feel anxious. 

Just having them with you will be a coping mechanism for you throughout your travels, giving you an extra sense of security.

Having anxiety can be challenging at the best of times but try not to let it ruin any opportunities to travel abroad. Read up on ways to control your anxiety issue, and if these don’t work, consult your doctor. Hopefully, by following the easy tips above, they can help you manage your symptoms for your next planned trip.

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