Stranger Things Experience: ultimate thrill for any fanatic

stranger things experience is it worth it

This is a can’t miss experience, whether you are a fan of the show or have only recently begun watching.This guide will cover every aspect of Stranger Things: The Experience, offer advice, and discuss whether it is worthwhile.

What’s the Story of “Stranger Things”?

“Stranger Things,” which is set in 1983, Indiana, begins with the shocking and strange disappearance of a young kid named Will Byers. His family and the residents of Hawkins begin to unearth a series of puzzling incidents involving a government experiment, portals to a parallel universe populated by evil monsters, and an odd young girl as they look for answers.

The American science fiction horror thriller “Stranger Things” has been airing since 2016 and was created by the Duffer Brothers.

Where Can I Find The Experience of Stranger Things in Atlanta?

At Pullman Yards in the Kirkwood district of Atlanta, the Stranger Things is currently playing.

Read our guide on Atlanta’s Pullman Yards

Stranger Things: What is the pricing?

VIP Admission includes priority entrance, a complementary drink, gift bag and access to the themed rooms / photo ops at the end as well as the Hawkins Lab immersive experience. Cost is $74 (scroll down to read our thoughts). Regular admission is $39.

Ages 13 and over are suggested for the event. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Due to the nature of the event, children under the age of five are not permitted.

The Experience Of What To Expect At Stranger Things
Proceed with caution since this section contains experience spoilers.

stranger things experience review
Stranger Things Experience guide – photo ops

Characters in white doctor coats will welcome you, verify your tickets, and explain that Hawkins Lab is conducting a sleep study and you are the “willing” volunteers as you make your way inside the “waiting room”. You’ll next be put into groups according to colors and taken to another room for orientation.

The voices of “Stranger Things”‘ recognizable characters can be heard over the intercoms as the video glitches and the lights start to flicker. However, things swiftly go awry. The staff will quickly go over the rules before directing you to the subsequent room.

We had to solve a puzzle of sorts before using our “powers” collectively as a group. This is when the technological aspects start to take over. Once you move to the next room, monitors will show with some of your favorite cast members giving you “clues” on how to use your powers to move to the next room.

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Special effects at the Stranger Things Experience

One of the things I thought was super cool was the plant-like monsters (demogorgons) trying to bust their way inside the computer room we were in. It made it feel more real as if we were in the “Papa’s lab”. Though this could be frightening for kids under 13.

They saved the coolest room for last as we entered the Upside Down world. They did a great job with the 3-D effect and you’ll see Eleven and Max fending off a pack of Demogorgons, the predatory, plant-like beasts, as they jump out, in the final 10 minutes, you will firmly believe you possess the power of telekinesis.

After helping Max and Eleven conquer the demons, we moved on to a replica of popular spots in Stranger Things:

-Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop

-Family Video

-A bar serving drinks like The Upside Down (spoiler alert: it is overpriced and not worth it).

-We loved the replicas like Byers’ living room and the photo op with Vecna

It was a nice touch that they had staff that was ready to take photos of you and your friends.

There’s a bar at the end of Stranger Things Experience serving a variety of cocktails

Cons of The Stranger Things Experience

Parking is pricey. The cost to park at Pullman Yards is about $7 an hour. An you have to use that horrible Park Mobile. You need to estimate how much time you’ll be there – I’d plan for about 2.5 hours.

A VIP experience seems a bit pricey at $74 per person. It is not worth the cost for only the additional drink and toy. Plus, they made us wait with. everyone else, not skipping the line like a regular VIP. Bottom line: if you have VIP tickets let them know when you arrive or they may overlook you. You are better off to get the regular experience at almost half the price.

FAQs for the Stranger Things Experience

Although the experience lasts for roughly an hour, you are free to hang out in the “Starcourt mall” for however long you like!

How soon should I buy tickets for Stranger Things?

Although the event has been going on for a while, tickets can sell out quite rapidly, especially with it being in its final days. So make sure to make reservations several days in advance. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early as well, according to the time on your ticket. Though we were late getting to the door and they still let us in.

Should I dress up for the Stranger Things Experience?

There is no required attire, however because this is a walk-through, participatory experience, wear comfortable clothing. Or, if you like, dress like it’s the 1980s. Someone was dressed as the cheerleader and other attendees had 80s clothing on.

Is the experience of Stranger Things worth it?
Stranger Things: the Experience is unquestionably worthwhile if you’re a fan of the show. It feels like a mix of a 3D movie and an escape room. This will be a wonderful experience regardless of whether you recently started watching or have never done so. Additionally, the after-hangout is like spending the day in a mall with video games, food and drink, and photo opportunities!

What Is The Duration Of The Experience?
Although the experience lasts for an hour, you are free to hang out in the
mall for as long as you wish.

Will Strobe Lights Be Used?
This experience includes flashing light sequences that could be harmful to people who are prone to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.

Do I have to have seen every episode?
It is beneficial but not entirely necessary.

Is the experience suitable for kids?
Ages 13 and up are advised for this activity. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of five are not allowed due to the nature of the experience and special effects.

Ready to try the fun experience? You can help Dustin, Mike, Max and even Eleven battle the evil demon Vecna. You can buy tickets to the Stranger Things Experience here.

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