Summer EComm Trends

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Ecommerce is not showing any signs of slowing down as trends hit an all-time high. Every business needs a web presence in order to exist in the eyes of consumers, but just having an ecommerce store doesn’t necessarily mean shoppers will continue to buy from you. The key to staying competitive is staying on top of market trends, so here are the biggest summer ecommerce trends for 2019.

Ethical ecommerce

Consumers are hyper-aware of socially and environmentally conscious practices, both in their personal lives and when it comes to businesses ethically producing their goods and services. It is projected that 1.92 billion people around the world will be shopping online in 2019, and the amount of consumers who are looking for businesses and brands to align with their social ethics is growing. People want to support businesses who practice sustainability, reduce the amount of packaging and waste they produce, and manufacture ethically and pay their employees living wages.

Supporting local

The “shopping local” trend is continuing to gain speed as a growing number of people realize the benefits that come from supporting local vendors. The reduced environmental impact is a big one, as the millennial market is most concerned about shopping from eco-conscious brands. Shopping local means less logistical processes are required, therefore reducing the amount of pollution or waste. Stimulating local economies is another benefit, as is supporting small businesses rather than multi-million and billion dollar corporations.

Consumers are more interested in seeking out local shops and vendors than in previous years, and they do so by using social media. To make sure your brand is getting in front of the right audience, understand where your target demographic spends their time online, and join the conversation. Use geo-targeted hashtags to appear in local searches and customize your advertising campaigns by location.

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Speedy delivery

Amazon Prime’s same-day shipping has completely changed the way consumers shop and has raised the customer experience expectations significantly. More companies, big and small, are trying to figure out ways to improve on their delivery times as well to stay competitive.

While some are coming up with solutions to lightning-fast delivery, others are switching to subscription-based models where customers can customize their purchase and have it delivered to them once a month. It’s a reliable service that adds massive convenience, and consumers love it. There are subscription boxes for everything from socks and underwear to dog toys to groceries (which these chilled parcel delivery lockers are perfect for during summer!), so consumers certainly aren’t low on choice. This could be an alternate solution if your business can’t compete with single-day delivery promises.

Brands that want to remain top-of-mind and maintain good customer satisfaction must remember to stay on top of trends. Consumers have social media to amplify their voices, and successful brands are tuning in and listening, then finding ways to adapt to the needs of their shoppers. They also use the platforms available to convey the influential or impactful work they do, in order to raise awareness for the causes and lead the charge in finding solutions and bringing real change.

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