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The hot summer sun is here, so why not show your employees just how much you appreciate their hard work by throwing a summer party. However, before you go ahead, you’re going to have to invest in a number of all-important party essentials. Without them, your party will be way more stressful than it needs to be, and nobody wants that.

To find out what essentials you need to be able to host the best summer party for your employees, make sure to read on.

Water refilling station

A water refilling station is a party essential you need to make sure your summer shindig goes off without a hitch. If the temperatures sore during the summer, this is a particularly important piece of equipment for you to be investing in. By making water refill available to your guests, from the same company that provides your water in office, you won’t have to worry about anybody suffering from the plight that is dehydration. As a result, everybody will be able to get on with the task of enjoying themselves, regardless of how hot it may be on the day of your party.


Candles will make a real difference to the atmosphere of your summer party, especially once the sun goes in and the moon takes over, so don’t forget to put them on your ‘party essentials’ shopping list. By making use of floating tea light candles, especially, you will be able to generate a truly relaxed ambiance.


If your guests have got nowhere to sit, they’re not going to stick around at your summer party for too long. Everybody needs to take the weight off every now and again, even the people that like to dance the night away, so you need to make sure that you provide enough seats for all of your guests.

However, five patio chairs aren’t going to cut it if you’ve invited 25 guests so, if you have to bring indoor chairs outdoors, then so be it!

Bug repellents

Mosquitoes and other bugs of the like will have a field day at your summer party if you don’t invest in something to repel them.

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If you’ve already blown your summer party budget on food and booze, then you might want to consider going down the cost-effective route in this instance. Cheap ways to repel bugs include:

  • Getting rid of stagnant water, as this is where bugs breed.
  • Plugging in fans as some bugs, especially mosquitoes, are weak flyers and will be kept away by the airflow.
  • Offering your guests bug wipes so that they can tend to individual bug-related instances as and when they occur.

Planning a summer party will show your employees your appreciation, and as a result, your employees will love the effort you go to. So, even if your summer party is months away, then, it won’t hurt for you to start putting plans into place now. If you do, by the time the shindig finally rolls around, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Take the above advice, and make sure your summer party goes off without a hitch.

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