Summer Traveling Packing Tips

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Summer Traveling Packing Tips

You’ve been pining for your summer vacation for months, and now you are edging closer to it. Why do the days always seem so much longer when you are excited and looking forward to something?

While your mind is drifting away to your vacation and you are imaging yourself at the destination with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face, it suddenly strikes; what are you going to pack? Here are five summer traveling packing tips:

Select your luggage first

It’s no good spending time choosing the clothes that you want to take only to realize that there is no way that your luggage can accommodate them. Always select your luggage first. It sounds so obvious, but your choice of luggage is the most influential factor in what you can take with you.

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Identify your closet staples

Everyone has their favorite go-to garments, so if you know which yours are, they should be put in the pile to take. Perhaps you have a pair of shorts that you know you always wear on vacation or a flattering bikini that you enjoy wearing. These items are on your priority list.

Choose versatile garments in complementary colors

Choosing versatile items of clothing to take is vital. The ideal being items that you can dress up or dress down without having to compromise your style. For example, a bralette like these by Tomboy X can work from day through to night, or perhaps you have a dress that can work equally well on the beach but dressed up with accessories for the evening? The more versatile the items that you choose, the less you need to pack.

Choose clothes in colors that look good together. Not only does this save on packing, but it also means that you look more put together and stylish.


Worried about always looking the same in your limited clothes options while you are away? Accessories are key to transform your outfit. Think statement necklaces, scarves, and of course a stylish hat to protect you from the sun.

Beauty and skincare products

Unless you are going to a very remote destination, the chances are high that you can buy things like sun cream, shampoos, and conditioners where you are going. However, if you want to take specific products and potions with you, decant them into smaller bottles that can be packed inside your shoes. You can get to take your beauty essentials with you, but by placing them in your shoes, they are protected and less likely to leak.

TIP: place all lotions and potions in Ziplock bags so that if they do leak, your clothes are protected.

The temptation is always to pack too much, but when you have space and weight restrictions to think about, you need to be savvy. Packing for a vacation can be problematic. There are so many what-ifs that you need to focus on reality. With careful planning, you’ll be able to pack versatile clothes that complement each other and use accessories to differentiate your outfits to ensure you have a great vacation.

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