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Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Tassa Roti Shop is a small restaurant located along Powers Ferry Road in Marietta. I suggested Tassa Roti Shop to Glen for a lunch spot as he works just around the corner and lunch options are few and far between.

So, we checked out Tassa Roti Shop on April Fools Day, which as far as weather goes, has got to be one of the most beautiful days in Atlanta this year. Arriving at Tassa Roti Shop right at noon, we beat the lunch rush, just barely. With three in our group, we sent one outside to the deck to secure the last patio table available.

The owner, welcomed us in and asked if it was our first time. When we nodded, he explained to us all the different food items on the buffet – Chicken (Jerk, Stew and Curry), Curried Potatoes, Calaloo (spinach-like with okra and onions I believe), slaw, rice, beans, and of course Roti (Caribbean Naan) is in a cooler next to the buffet. There is a menu to order from but I don’t think anyone bothers with that, at least not a lunch time. Price for the buffet is $7 or $8 per person.

Another reason to arrive early at Tassa Roti Shop is that the buffet area is quite small and really only allows access for 1 person at a time. So, you can imagine how backed up it can get if there is a big crowd. Situated next to the register with pans that are three deep, it also is somewhat difficult to reach the back items. Perhaps they will move the buffet in an area that is more accessible for patrons.

I tried all 3 types of chicken and found the stewed to be the best and most flavorful. The curried chicken was a close second, but I think it could have been a tad more hot (spicy). I also loved the Calaloo. I love it when something that is really good for you tastes really good too.

If you feel even more adventurous try some of the condiments located just above the buffet. You’ll see one that resembles salsa but beware – it is hot. I really enjoy the achar – less spicy made with either mango or lime. Just try a dab of the condiments to start out in case you don’t care for them.

If you’d like to try some traditional drinks, try Mauby if they have it. It is not very sweet but has a great flavor. If you are in the mood for something more sweet, try the Kola Champagne (it is non-alcoholic) soft drink.

The owners were extremely warm and friendly asking us how our meal was and if we needed anything. I think us OTPers have finally found a place the ITPers will trek out to the burbs for.

Extras: Restaurant is CLOSED ON MONDAYS.
Parking is limited, so if going with a group you should carpool.

224 Powers Ferry Rd
Marietta, GA 30067
770 977 3163

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