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Taste of Buckhead Recap, Grand Hyatt, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

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Maybe I missed it, but the Taste of Buckhead, put on by the Buckhead Business Association didn’t seem to get much love in the foodie world. Taste of Buckhead was at the Grandy Hyatt in Buckhead on May 22nd. To me, it seemed like a good deal – 10 bucks to sample some of Buckhead’s restaurants. Count me in. Attendance at the Taste of Buckhead seemed pretty good. I was there at 6 when they opened the doors, and it just got more and more crowded in the smallish room.

The idea is to get a mix of Buckhead businesses and restaurants as exhibitors. The setup is good if you are there to eat, but bad if you are there representing business. The restaurants are lined up along the walls of the rectangular room, while the businesses are in the center. So, if you’d like to avoid the businesses, all you have to do is walk around the perimeter of the room.

Parcipating restaurants included: Aja, Brio, Johnny Rockets, Joel Brasserie, Season’s 52, Saskatoon, Shula’s 347, Capital Grille, Eclipse di Luna, and newcomer Coast Seafood. I tried something from all of these guys with the exception of Johnny Rockets (they had milkshakes). Nothing personal, but I draw the line at 3 desserts.

Meat-centric restaurants Saskatoon, Shula’s and Captial Grille offered up their goodies like Elk (Saskatoon) and Shula’s and Captial Grille with roast beef. Saskatoon’s Elk was pretty delicious, and while it isn’t my favorite restaurant, I found the Elk to be pretty tasty. Shula’s might want to think about sending some other people next year. The chefs were pleasant, but the two women, didn’t do much other than stand in the way, and when I wanted to take a picture, one of the women seemed a little put off by it.

Both Eclipse di Luna and Aja had some sort of raw fish offering. I’m pretty sure they were both tuna, but I tasted so much that evening, my memory is a little hazy. I enjoyed the samples from both places, but neither made me want to rush right out to the restaurant either.

What I did love and what I heard others mention was the crab fritter from Coast Seafood. While I didn’t get a pic of the actual fritter, above are the two friendly Coast representatives. This is the restaurant that took over the space of the now defunct Home Restaurant. The outer shell was crispy and every bite was full of tasty crab. Kudos to them for offering something out of the ordinary.

I think the most bizarre offering of the evening was the duck rillettes from Joel. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and thought it was plant. Not sure if that was the intent but it definitely drew attention! It was certainly a change of pace from everything else offered at the Taste of Buckhead.

My other favorite of the evening were the desserts from Season’s 52. If you aren’t familiar with Season’s 52, they are big on portion control, boasting that no menu item has more than 475 calories and their desserts, or mini indulgences, as they call them are all served in shot glasses. So, it’s ok that I tried 3 right?

I tasted the banana pudding, carrot cake and key lime pie. The key lime pie blew the others away. I’m curious to know what the pecan pie tastes like….

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