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Taste the Limoncello Rainbow at No. 246, Decatur, GA

limoncello tasting no 246

What will be your favorite flavor of the cello flavor rainbow at No. 246?

Decatur’s No. 246 has a unique offering: a variety of Limoncello to indulge in before or after your meal. You can indulge in just one or have a flight. For 12 bucks, guests can give four ‘cello tastings a whirl. Carl makes them in-house, so they’re whatever is in season and what farmers bring in. Besides lemon, other flavors are cellos with lime, orange and grapefruit and coffee. Carl even had a special one he simply called “Fall.”

While the lemon cello was excellent, I found the grapefruit to be extraordinary. And the coffee one? Wow – the perfect sweet finish to our meal. Carl was kind enough to share recipe for the grapefruit cello. Tip: These make terrific holiday gifts!


Recipe: Grapefruit Cello (Courtesy of Carl Gilbert)


Beverage Supervisor, Carl Gilbert talks about his inspiration for different cello flavors

Ingredients / Tools:

Mason Jar Quart Size
6 Ruby Red Grapefruits
1 pint Gem Alcohol (190 Proof)
4 Quart Containers
White Sugar


1. Peel each grapefruit. Total mass should be 150 grams. Stuff peels into your mason jar.
2. Pour 1 pint of Gem alcohol over peels, making sure peels are submerged.
3. Rest on skin for 10 days.
4. Strain the spirit and discard the used skins.
5. Fill a quart container 1/2 full of white sugar and add hot water until the container is 3/4 full. Stir to combine until clear.
6. Dilute the infused spirit with water, to the ratio of 1oz spirit / .25oz water
7. Combine Step 5 with Step 6 to the ratio of equal parts simple syrup to diluted spirit.

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