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Tasty China, Marietta, GA Restaurant Review

I admit I was a Tasty China virgin until noon yesterday. It is hard to believe I’ve lived here so long without visiting Tasty China. Especially given the fact that Glen works right around the corner from Tasty China. He has been to Tasty China many times and told me stories about the infamous manager lady (Ms. Phuong) who in his opinion is the soup nazi of Chinese Restaurants.

I was both nervous and excited about getting to see the woman who has become so well known on sites like Yelp and Atlanta Cuisine. On my visit she was extremely pleasant. When we were leaving she wished us a Happy Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, I was hoping Ms. Phuong would be a little more soup nazi-ish than she was. It is really part of the Tasty China experience.

Glen says it is comical to see her in action. For example, on a recent visit he was with a large group and someone ordered a beef dish but was brought chicken instead. When she brought this to the manager’s attention, she just looked at it and declared “Chicken good for you!”

We agreed to try an appetizer and each get a lunch special (these come with choice of soup and fried rice). We chose the Coriander Fish rolls to start. I love the crispiness to them. They were quite good, but I didn’t really taste any fish in them. For our meals, I had the Kung Pao Shrimp and Glen had a Tofu and Pork dish. It was recommended by our waitress, but I didn’t care much for it. It was really heavy on the Tofu and light on the pork.

My first impression: It should be called Salty China instead of Tasty China. Although I really did enjoy the fish rolls, I wasn’t too impressed with anything else. I ordered Hot and Sour soup and only had a couple tastes of it before I gave up because of the salt content. Glen had the Wonton soup which was a little better. Both of our main dishes were extremely salty as well. I was gulping down water the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll no doubt be back to give them another try at some point, but I’m not in a hurry to visit them again.

585 Franklin Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 419-9849

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  • I didn’t even think to suggest tasty china the other week…I just assumed you had been there ;-). Next time you are there, order from the “Chinese” side of the menu and see if that helps your experience! Phuong does rule!!! She’s my favorite

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