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The Best Canned Cocktails (no mixology skills necessary)

Best Cocktails

Don’t slave away in the kitchen to make a great cocktail – just pop a top with these sensational canned cocktails.

Imagine serving a cocktail by simply cracking open a can and creating a masterpiece in no time? While canned cocktails take the pomp and circumstance out of the mixology of cocktails, their serve-anywhere convenience is a great substitute for the real thing, especially if you are like me and don’t want to gather all the ingredients. 

You’d be surprised to find that the authenticity and quality of canned cocktails is as good as handmade creations. This is mainly due to the care and attention that has gone into the making some of the best canned cocktails on the market. The makers listed below use natural ingredients, not over processed junk to create their cocktails which makes a difference. 

We taste tested the flavor and quality of many brands. Next, we looked at the creator’s expertise and uniqueness of the mixes in the complex cocktail making process. This helped us discover which canned cocktails give the best combination ingredients that would please the most discerning cocktail drinker. 

These tiny cocktails pack a punch for your party! Photo courtesy of Post Meridiem

Read on to find out what we found and discover how to identify some of the best canned cocktails on the shelves today. 

Here’s our favorite canned cocktails

The legendary cocktail makers in bars have challenged the creators to create ready to drink canned cocktails. Now the convenience and ease of cracking open a can and serving instantly have made canned cocktails widely accepted. 

You may wonder why you wouldn’t just buy a mix and pour the spirit in and voila. The reason these ready to drink cocktails or cocktails in a can are so good as that use premium liquors and natural ingredients, not just the overly processed ingredients you would get in a cheap mixer.  

Natural ingredients, gluten-free, balance and taste helped measure the standard of the brand.

So, here’s your guide to becoming a canned cocktail connoisseur. The diverse range includes margaritas, Manhattan’s, mules, old fashionds, gimlets and daiquiris, to name a few. 

Tip Top Proper Cocktails in a Can

Tip Top started out with a base of 3 different cocktails in can: Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Negroni. I love all three of these. If you like a strong cocktail than these are for you. My favorite of the 3 was the Negroni but all of the cocktails adhered to the perennial ingredients and flavor of what these classic cocktails should taste like. The bright red color makes a Negroni unmistakable, and it’s the combination of the vermouth and bitters that gives this delightful juniper infused cocktail a delicious bittersweet smack, with a citrusy aftertaste.

Tip Top started with a base of 3 distinct classic cocktails in a can and once they gained some footing in the canned cocktail space they even expanded to other varieties of cocktails. If its gin you love, Tip Top besides the Negroni, the Bees Knees, which is a combination of gin, honey, and lemon, is superb.

Watch my video on Tip Top canned cocktails here

They are available in 8 packs for $34.99. Or you can buy in singles at liquor stores for around four bucks. 

Fun fact: Tip Top canned cocktails (founded in Atlanta) are now available on Delta Airlines. 

Post Meridiem Spirits (just shake an pour)

Another entrant into the canned cocktails market is Post Meridiem. If you like Vodka you’ll love the lemongrass Vodka Gimlet made by Postmeridiem is sure to lift your spirits. The combination of fresh lemongrass with 100% real lime juice are special ingredients here. And the Margarita in a can? That tequila-lime infusion is simply delicious. Coming out of a can is just as good as the hand-made original, just easier, and quicker.

These cute cocktails are very portable and great for outdoor events. Photos – Courtesy Post Meridiem Spirits.

I’m not much of a rum cocktail fan. I don’t gravitate to overly sweet cocktails. When you think of Rum what cocktails come to mind. The most popular cocktail with rum is probably a Daiquiri. Or a Pina Colada right. And these cocktails are historically sweet. But let me tell you, Post Meridiem canned cocktails have done an amazing job balancing the traditional Daiquiri and making it have the perfect balance of sweet and sour, while letting the rum flavor come through ever so slightly. 

Also, the Mai Tai, made with rum, real lime, orange curacao creation, with a touch of almond and mint, is another rum cocktail in can that is a hit. While I enjoyed the margarita and gimlet from Post Meridiem, the rum cocktails were my favorite out of the bunch. So I’d encourage you to try all of the pre made cocktails in can from this brand. 

A sampler pack of 12 is $47.88 ($3.99 a cocktail) 

Italian Cocktails in a can

Who doesn’t love the bright taste of citrus in their cocktails? I mean, what’s not to love? Happy to discover Fabrizia cocktails, a line of cocktails made with lemons imported from Italy. The family-owned spirits company specializes in producing a variety of Limoncello products as well. Co-founders, Co-owners and brothers, Phil and Nick Mastroianni, traveled to Sicily, Italy in order to find the perfect lemons for their products.  They finally found the ideal grove in the Sicilian province of Siracusa. And boy, do those lemons make a difference. The Zest is infused in pure alcohol, which produces the bright yellow color found in their Limoncello and the remainder of the lemon is juiced to form the foundation of their canned cocktails.

Italian Style Canned Cocktails have a 7% ABV, made with their Limoncello and available in 5 flavors – a Margarita, Lemonade, Breeze. I tried them all and you can definitely get the true Limoncello coming through in these cocktails. My favorite was the Italian Breeze which captured the perfect essence of lemon, cranberry and a hint of booze. These cocktails are perfect for sipping by the pool. More info:

Italian Style Canned Cocktails have a 7% ABV, made with their Limoncello and available in 5 flavors – a Margarita, Lemonade, Breeze. I tried them all and you can definitely get the true Limoncello coming through in these cocktails. My favorite was the Italian Breeze which captured the perfect essence of lemon, cranberry and a hint of booze. These cocktails are perfect for sipping by the pool. More info:

Watch the video here:

They also use their limoncello in their cookies. Yes, they make baked goods too. They sent me some of their cookies to try and they were delicious! Check out their gift boxes here.

‘Merican Mule Cocktails in a Can (fun twists on a mule good for day drinking) 

If it’s a Mule you are after, the classic Moscow Mule in a can is a great choice. It’s the subtle blending of the ginger and lime with the vodka that does the trick! As a lover of ginger, I am a huge Moscow Mule fan. 

These mules in a can come a wide variety. Photo courtesy of ‘Merican Mule.

We loved the Moscow mule from ‘Merican Mule who’s originators, Dean, Steve, and Pete took seven long months to perfect their range of Mules explaining why they are up there with the best canned cocktails. 

Here’s a neat thing about the mule cocktail: it is one of the most versatile types of cocktails around. This means you can sub just about any spirit an the classic mule has a different spin but still a great taste. The makers of ‘Merican Mule (mules in a can) have made it the classic way vodka, rum, tequila, and even bourbon. 

Mexican Mule in Can:

Love tequila? Love margaritas? Then you have to give this Mexican Mule a try! The ginger pairs lovely with the tequila in this mule in can.

Rum Mule in a Can:

‘Merican Mule makers make a fruity style canned cocktail they call a Tropical Mule. It has that island style blending ginger and pineapple with rum. This is definitely one that is on the lighter side. If you are looking for a canned cocktail with low ABV, this one is it and is perfect for sipping my the pool.

Southern Mule in Can

If you want something a bit stronger and enjoy bourbon, try the Southern Style Mule in a can which blends ginger, orange, and cherry with bourbon. There’s a touch of sweetness and sour in this. Here they’ve subbed lime with the orange and cherry which pair better with the bourbon. This is also referred to as a Kentucky Mule. 

Currently they are sold in 8-packs for $27.99 or 16 packs for $54.99

Fisher’s Island Canned cocktails

Fisher’s Island was created by Bronya Shillo. She traveled during her college years and experienced some excellent cocktails but wanted to use natural ingredients in her drinks. She was one of the first to launch cocktails in a can, launching in 2014.

  • Fishers Island Spiked Tea, 7% ABV: A new twist on a classic, featuring a perfectly balanced half-and-half blend of the original spiked lemonade with fresh black tea.
  • Fishers Island Pink Flamingo, 7% ABV: Born out of strong consumer demand, this delicious blend combines the original vodka and barrel-aged whiskey spiked lemonade with real cranberry.
  • Fishers Island Fizz, 5% ABV: A lighter, refreshing, effervescent version of the original premium vodka and barrel-aged whiskey spiked lemonade recipe.
  • Fishers Island Frozen Spirit Pops, 7% ABV: A unique, fun, and innovative offering to enjoy the great taste and flavor of Fishers Island Lemonade in a frozen treat. The frozen spirit pops are made with premium vodka, barrel-aged whiskey, lemon, and honey for a premium experience.
These Spirits Pops are so fun for the beach!

Though I usually like fizz in a cocktail, I enjoyed the Pink Flamingo with the interesting blend of vodka and whiskey. But if you want something rather light, the Island Fizz, at just 5% ABV, it’s a good choice.

The full Fishers Island Lemonade family portfolio is gluten-removed and available in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.  Convenient delivery options are available on Drizly

Chido – Cocktails in a can for Tequila Lovers!

Chido cocktails are made with Blanco tequila. I love the bight punchy colors of the can. It just gets you in the mood to be at the beach or sipping on these somewhere outdoors. These tequila based cocktails in a can come in a variety of flavors – Sea Salt, Paloma, Mango and Strawberry. My favorites were the Sea Salt Margarita and Paloma. I found the mango and strawberry flavors to be a bit on the sweet side for me.

I will tell you that they taste light and refreshing for day drinking. One thing I liked is that I could have a can of Chido mid-afternoon and not feel sleepy right after as I am with stronger cocktails. But in the evening if I wanted something a bit stronger, I just add some additional tequila and have a drink with a kick!

They come in a variety pack if you don’t want to choose. I believe the only flavor that isn’t included in the variety pack of these cocktails in a can is the spicy watermelon. The price is less than 3 bucks a can which is super affordable. You can get the Chido tequila cocktails in a can here.

Drinking cocktails is about the occasion and company. Now you can find some of the best cocktail brands in cans. Now that we’ve looked at some of the best canned cocktails, the hardest question is what will try first? 

The packaging makes it so convenient, simply crack and pour. Only one step and your glass is full!

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