The best shows on streaming TV: what to watch on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix

Best Shows to Watch on Streaming TV

Are you a household of streaming tv only? Wondering what to watch? Here’s a handy guide on some of the best shows on streaming tv.

I cut the cord nearly four years ago and never looked back. I highly recommend you do it as well if you haven’t already. Cable is ridiculously overpriced and once your “new member discount” expires after a year, you’ll never get a fair price, not to mention the horrendous customer service. There are so many streaming services available for television now, there’s no need for cable.

Due to it’s popularity, this article is updated frequently and may contain a couple more or less than 19 shows.

Netflix Steaming Service

Netflix has the best selection by far. Plus they’ve got a ton of movies and documentaries to choose from. Another bonus is that there are no commercials as opposed to Hulu streaming television service. If you haven’t already watched Breaking BadHouse of Cards or Orange is the New Black, you should but here are some other shows on streaming services you may not know about.

American Horror Story – If the macabre fascinates you and you can handle some gory stories, then you’ll wan to add AHS to your queue. Each season, many of the same actors play a different role. Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Sara Paulson all have recurring performances. The five seasons streaming on Netflix each have a different sinister story to tell. Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Hoteall have their own twisted premise, though I enjoyed Asylum the most, with Murder House being a close second.

Atypical – Though I don’t have any family or friends that are affected by autism, I find the show absolutely endearing. We get to see how the main character’s (Sam) autism changes the lives of those around him. It means so much sacrifice and he doesn’t even realize what is family does for him. My favorite part of the show is the relationship Sam has with his best friend, Zahid, who work together at Techtropolis. But the show is actually really funny and I can’t wait for the next season.

watch jane the virgin on Netflix RoamiliciousBlack Mirror – Though there aren’t many episodes in the two seasons available on Netflix steaming, each show is incredibly thought provoking. For many of the episodes, the viewer only sees one side of the story and the other side is revealed at the end. Most episodes teeter on the idea of a not too distant future, and how our technology can be a dark and dangerous thing. What would you do if you could have a camera implanted in your eye that recorded everything that happened and you could re-live every moment of your life? What if anyone could rate their interaction with you, essentially yelping their experience with you, and this was used to calculate things like your credit score, etc?

Bojack Horseman – Though season one was not as funny, they really stepped it up with season two.  Not only is it wittier, but the side images and paintings are hilarious too. Amy Sedaris as Princess Caroline, BoJack’s part time agent, confidant and lover is spot on.

Imposters – There are only couple seasons available of this adorable show and I can’t wait for season 3. The show centers around Maddie, a gorgeous brunette who becomes the woman of her mark’s dreams. Then she bankrupts them. Three of these heartbroken and broke people snoop enough into “Maddie’s” past and are clever enough to track her down. But can they really give her a taste of her own medicine?

iZombie – Aspiring medical student Olivia Moore is bitten and infected by a zombie. She then must eat the brains of murder victims to “glimpse” their last moments of life and track down the murderer. Brain tacos anyone?

Jane the Virgin – Totally girly and an unexpected joy to watch, is Jane the Virgin. Part comedy and part telenovela, it’s nearly improbably the things that happen to poor Jane. I mean Jane, saving herself for marriage, was accidentally impregnated and then falls in love with her baby daddy, whose sister is a lesbian in love with her stepmother who also is a notorious crime lord that Jane’s cop fiance is trying to catch? Far fetched, but this happy comedy keeps me tuned in. Are you #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael?

Narcos – During the 1980s Pablo Escobar was a ruthless drug lord that alluded capture by the US. Meanwhile the people of Colombia loved him for his generosity to the community. Unless you are fluent in Spanish, be prepared to read subtitles.  Last year, when I visited Ecuador,  I traveled on the same road Escobar did when he had one of his first drug runs!

Ozark – If you loved Breaking Bad, then you will love Ozark. Jason Bateman is incredible in his role. As the story unfolds, he is in hot water with the criminal he launders for. Not to mention is marriage is not that swell. He must think quickly on his feet to begin a new life, while still laundering tons of cash. There’s never a dull moment in this dark drama.

Shameless – The dramedy follows the hapless Gallager family lead by their oldest sister Fiona they manage to make ends meet, despite no help from their alcoholic father, Frank (William H. Macy), who gives an outstanding performance. The show takes serious dips from outlandishly funny to very dark. But, if you can deal with that, it never disappoints. For the last five months, Shameless was my nightly go to show, watching all six seasons streaming on Netflix.

shameless tv show review

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Sick Note – This show is hilarious! Slacker, Daniel Glass is misdiagnosed by incompetent doctor Iain Glennis. Once Dr. Glennis confesses to Daniel they (for reasons you will see as the show unfolds), decide to keep up the charade, but the plot twists when his best friend overhears him discussing his lies. Meanwhile Daniel discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him and there’s a suspicious cop keeping a close eye on their every move. Cancer is no laughing matter, but the antics these two get into will have you laughing your butt off!

Travelers – Time travelers from the future come back to inhabit the bodies of people seconds before they die so they can alter the future from the bleak circumstances it becomes. Will and Grace fans will be happy to see Eric McCormick in this adventure show. The first handful of episodes are very engaging, and then the show seems to go from exciting to ho-hum. But, still somewhat entertaining.

Stranger Things – With a touch of 80s in the opening credits, Stranger Things grips you from episode 1 and you’ll keep binging until it’s over and then wish you could do it all over again. Can’t wait to see what happens when the show returns for a second season.

amazon-instant-videoAmazon Prime Streaming Service

I literally spent two hours and twenty minutes searching through the movies on Amazon Prime and can confidently say, they all pretty much suck. I watched a couple that I’d never heard of before (even Sea of Trees with my man, Matthew McConaughey) and they were so terrible, I wished I could get back those couple hours of my life, so don’t waste your time. They are either crazy old or are already on Netflix so who cares? However, they do have some fairly decent original shows and a couple shows you can’t find on other streaming services.

Fleabag – This selfish British chick seems to  care for no one but herself and muddles through life in the shadow of her successful sister and estranged relationship with her father. She speaks her mind to the audience as the show goes on and she finds herself in hilarious situations. Totally bingeable.

Man in the High Castle – The show, set in the 60s, shows what would have been if the Nazis has won WWII. Hitler’s health is failing and there is a growing resistance that the Nazis are anxious to squash at any cost. As our freedoms are currently being etched away, this is a glimpse into what it would be like to live in a country where the government controls your every move.

Orphan Black – This sci-fi / action show has Tatiana Maslany playing about seven different characters as clones that meet one another after reaching adulthood. As they race to find the reason they were cloned, the danger to their lives rises. The show is definitely full of twists and turns and one that you have to be fully engaged or you’ll miss some vital plot twists. No multitasking while binging, mkay?

True Blood – I’m too old for the Twilight books, but not too old to enjoy a good vampire series. True Blood centers around Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse who can hear the thoughts of those around her. Vampires are now mainstream accepted since a synthetic blood, dubbed, “True Blood” is made available so they don’t have to prey on humans. Six of seven seasons are available for streaming on tv free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Hulu Streaming Service

Hulu Streaming Service

You don’t get Hulu for the movies. You get it for their original programming and the fact that they have the latest shows available.  Hulu streaming television is great because you don’t have to wait a year a more for the latest show to be available. I mean I’ve already watched most of the episodes of This is Us. Not to mention they pick up some excellent shows that are cancelled from cable like The Mindy Project. 

Chance – Were you a fan of House? Do you miss Hugh Laurie? Well, he’s back, playing a similar, yet more sinister role. As a psychiatrist, he helps his patients through trauma. Many have a fear of the person who committed the act against them. Chance, along with help from his friend, D, remove criminals from the lives of his patients. Along the way, we see how Chance’s history is flawed as well. Love this show and season 2 is even better than season 1.

Deadbeat – Follow along blundering medium as he helps spirits cross over by finishing their unsettled business. He also has a beautiful, yet fraudulent nemesis, Camomile White, that keeps him on his toes.

The Goldberg’s – If you are a child of the 80s like moi, you have to watch the Goldberg’s! The show starts awkward tween, Adam Goldberg, and his geeky infatuation with making movies. My favorite character is his “smother” played by Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911). The voice over is by a now grown up Adam, with each episode starting with a “Back in the 80s we didn’t have…” Best episode so far? Barry Goldberg’s Day Off (Season 2 Ep. 14), a homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, complete with cameo by Charlie Sheen.

younger_watch on hulu roamilicioius

The cast of Younger

Shuteye – If you were a fan of Breaking Bad or The Sorpanos this show might be of interest. It takes on the seedy underworld of the Gypsy market. It can be intense!

Younger – I had not heard of Sutton Foster before this show but I’m a huge fan now. She plays divorcee, Liza, who must re-enter the work force to support herself and put her daughter through college. She finds no one wants to hire a middle aged woman, so she passes herself off as a millennial. She even gets a young, hot boyfriend to keep up the facade.

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