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The Big Ketch: The Good, Bad and the Mushy

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I was asked to dine at The Big Ketch and was given a $50 gift card toward dinner. Not sure if The Big Ketch is trying to be a bar or an upscale restaurant. On a Saturday night, the boisterous bar crowd ensured no one in the dining room would have a quiet or romantic evening.

The Good

Lobster roll. They serve a hot and a cold one. I sampled the hot one with large chunks of claw meat which was quite delicious. There’s a quarter pound of lobster meat in it. I find it to be much more satisfying than the over-hyped Optimist Lobster roll. And the soft roll was perfect, actually hollowed out in the center to hold lots of lobster chunks. The chickpea and cous cous side I chose was quite enjoyable too.

The mussels were one of the starters we tried. I liked them…for the most part. It was curious how some were so fresh tasting and some overly fishy. Kind of strange. The broth was good and we asked for extra bread to sop it up.

The Bad

Pepper Seared Tuna. The presentation is beautiful and I couldn’t wait to dig in, but looks are definitely deceiving with this starter. It was bland and forgettable. I have a hard time believeing that this is sushi grade tuna, as the menu states.

The catch of the day was Swordfish. The fish was pretty good. The bad part was the price. This thin piece of fish served up with tasteless broccoli, two hush puppies and one other side was definitely not worthy of a $24 entree.

The mushy:
If you have an old relative that is on a soft food diet, they’ll definitely want to order the broccoli at the Big Ketch. It is incredibly mushy. Problem is, they boil it, then put it on the grill. There’s no crispness to it whatsoever. It melts in your mouth, and not in a good way.

Service was mediocre. Our server was perky and friendly, but not helpful. After we got our appetizers, she did the obligatory “How is everything?” and when we replied with an unenthusiastic “okay” after barely touching our tuna, she didn’t seem to care. Glen’s water glass remained empty for the last half of our dinner. Also, we wanted to try the hush puppies and when ordering entrees, asked for an side of these too. It would have been nice if she told us they came with our entrees, as it is not noted anywhere on the menu, instead of being charged for a full side we didn’t want.

I think the Big Ketch is a better lunch option than dinner. The loud bar crowd isn’t there at lunch and the menu is very similar, only cheaper prices. However, the Lobster roll is the same price ($16.95) lunch or dinner.

3279 Roswell Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30305
The Big Ketch Website

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