The Caesar Burger – Get it Before It’s Gone

I rarely write a post solely on one item. But the Caesar burger is an exception. I recently tried it Sandy Spring’s The Brickery and it’s incredible. The Brickery is known for their southern hospitality and dishes like their beef brisket, fried chicken and trout aldmondine. However, the Caesar burger is also one of the most popular menu items.

The gooey Caesar dressing spills out of the burger. Not only is it on top of the burger but the lettuce is soaked in it. Love that they shred their lettuce first before putting it atop the burger. Often times, a big piece of lettuce just gets in the way and I end up tossing it. The burger is available with one side for $11.50.

Mine was prepared medium and even though there was plenty of Caesar dressing, it didn’t overpower the burger. I could get a taste of the burger in every bite. Of course, the perfect side to the Brickery’s Caesar burger are the house made onion rings. They are not gigantic, but two-bite portions.

The burger has become so popular that The Brickery is entering it in a competition with Hellman’s mayonnaise. Yes, we could have an Atlanta burger be the best burger in the country! You can (and should) cast your vote. Entries have a chance to win a trip to the South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

The shopping center The Brickery is located has been sold and owner Bruce has been sending out emails that they will be closing…soon. He has been very vague about the details though. Once they close, there will be no more Caesar burger, so get it while you can.

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