The Latest Trends In Sports Injury Rehabilitation


For the past years, if you were injured jogging, you will be asked to take an extended vacation from running and, in a more severe case, be immobilized in a brace or cast. Fortunately, we have come a long way in the previous decades. Experts have created treatment programs to speed up the recovery of injured patients.

Patients need to focus on the healing process before they can get back into their active routine. The rehabilitation process may include training and prevention, the use of different techniques and tools, and physiotherapy.

Virtual Reality Technology Healing

Virtual reality was formerly used for entertainment. However, it is now associated with a broad range of professional and medical applications, from rehabilitation for athletes who have been injured to flight instructions for actual pilots.

However, this technology trend is beneficial for post-injury rehabilitation. Athletes can achieve this goal by engaging in an activity that mimics a physical therapy session.

This may ensure the patient’s comfort, but it may also make physical therapy sessions more enjoyable. Patients are more likely to benefit from physical therapy if they see it as an enjoyable VR experience rather than an unpleasant and negative experience in a traditional medical environment.

Physiotherapy Healing

Undergoing physiotherapy helps patients get back to their active lifestyle. It usually uses different types of techniques to help treat muscles, joints, and sprains. Some of the treatments done in physiotherapy are interferential current therapy, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, manual therapy, taping techniques, vestibular rehabilitation, and hydrotherapy.

Healthcare professionals from Hydroactive Aqua Therapy and Rehabilitation Center use the technologically advanced pool facilities for hydrotherapies. They also use modern equipment for physiotherapy and treatments.

Hydrotherapy Healing

Hydrotherapies are done in a pool heated under a specific temperature. Every therapy program is designed to treat specific kinds of sports injuries. Because of the buoyancy of the water, exercises are easier to perform. For patients that need to increase their mobility, water decreases the pain in the joints of the patients.

The natural properties of the water add treatment to the rehabilitation process of the injured patient. It also provides some benefits such as increasing core strength, muscle strength, and functional abilities.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP treatment, or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is a kind of regenerative medicine that promotes healing by activating the body’s natural processes. This therapy aims to mend injuries to the body’s softer tissues.

It is widely known that soft tissues heal slower than other types of tissues with the following damage. With Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, the patient’s blood is centrifuge-spun to encourage the synthesis of additional platelets and then reinjected into the damaged area.

The goal is to aid the body’s inherent healing processes. This method has been demonstrated to help treat injuries concerning cartilage, ligament, and tendons.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Injuries sustained during sports may vary from mild (such as a sprained joint) to severe (such as nerve damage, shattered bone, or torn muscle). It is proven that the resulting voltage stimulates the injured structures and their surrounding areas.

Studies have shown that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation may boost metabolism and activate cellular processes, nerves, and muscles while reducing pain and enhancing body metabolism.

Final Words

With the different trends in sports injury rehabilitation, patients can have the option of how their injuries want to be treated. Some facilities use the most advanced technologies in their tools and equipment to help patients with their faster and easier recovery.

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