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Taco Mac, Kennesaw, GA Restaurant Review

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As someone who skipped many a college class, to hang out at Taco Mac with my friends, I was heartbroken when the Taco Mac across from Town Center Mall closed er changed to the Highlands Grill. What college kid wouldn’t love Taco Mac? With its never-ending selection of draft beer and tasty wings, what’s not to love? And the food was always sooo good. I was especially fond of the steak quesadilla.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when the New Taco Mac opened up on Chastain Road. Couldn’t wait to get there and have a beer while enjoying their nice patio. And that’s where the reminiscing ended. I’ve been there at least 5 times since it has opened and have not enjoyed it one bit.

The first time, I took some out-of-town colleagues for a quick lunch. I highly recommended the cheesesteak as it was one of my favorites at the old Taco Mac, but after my first bite deeply regretted it. After that, I’ve tried a couple burritos which, I’m afraid to say, are the SALT bomb. Seriously it was as if they poured a box of salt on top of the burrito before they served it to me. I had another friend order wings and they were completely burned.

Ok, if you can’t do food at all, then fine, just serve beer and everyone will be ok with it.

Tips: if you still want to try this place, great, just don’t go during your lunch hour. My lunch hour turned into my lunch hour and a half.

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