Three Luxurious Ways To Travel to Mexico

Mexico is a must-see country for many, packed with great culture, incredible views, and a storied and vibrant history, offering many an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons. For those looking to travel with a little more exclusivity, it’s possible to indulge a little and go for something on the higher end of the spectrum, paying for private travel that takes away the stress and ensures that the trip is as stress free as possible, though this, of course, comes at a price.

This article will explore three ways to get to Mexico without waiting hours for a flight or sitting in endless traffic on the road, pricing the ultimate luxury-filled getaway plan.

Private air travel

The first and most obvious recommendation is traveling by private plane, chartering a flight from a local airport and having it take you as close to your final destination as possible. Many choose this option because it allows them to bypass busy airport lounges and the endless queues, not to mention the loud chatter that never seems to end. If you are looking for the ultimate solution for unparalleled comfort and exclusivity, private air travel might be the perfect solution.

There are many options available to passengers looking to travel thanks to private jet charter services, ranging from small-group options to larger aircraft that can take a dozen passengers or more. For individuals looking to travel in luxury and willing to spend the money, chartering one of these state-of-the-line planes is a great way to get your vacation started in the best possible way. During your trip, you should be able to enjoy the onboard entertainment and have plenty of legroom. 

Depending on your itinerary and further transportation options, various airport options are available. For example, the Toluca International Airport, located close to Mexico City, provides easy access to world-renowned destinations like Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Los Cabos. This way of travelling is tailored to suit you, making it perfect if you want to visit multiple locations within Mexico, avoiding the busy roads. 

Luxury ground transportation

If you are okay with facing the sometimes rough roads, arranging private ground transportation that is often more affordable than travelling via private jet may be a good idea. While this usually comes at a lower price point, you can still travel in luxury. It is equally convenient, providing a different option for those looking to travel at a gentler pace without putting a downer on their trip. With this option, you can sit back and relax without worrying about driving or the issues that come with it.

Private ground travel can come in a variety of ways. This is a quick and effective travel method if you want to get from point A in the United States to point B in Mexico. Furthermore, many individuals looking to get the most out of their trip will hire a driver for the duration of their stay, having them stick around once in Mexico so they can get to different tourist attractions without having to rely on the local population, providing peace of mind and a quick and easy option, without the language barrier.

If you prefer to travel to Mexico by plane but want to have your ground travel private by a private driver, this is also a popular option, often proving to be the ideal full-service solution. Having a personal meet and greet at the airport is a great way to get to your final location without worrying about finding a respectable taxi driver, knowing they’ll be there waiting for you when you leave. Many travel providers will help you find a safe and trustworthy driver, giving you added peace of mind.

Yacht travel


If time is not an issue and you want to travel slowly and soak in everything Mexico and its expansive coast offer, chartering a yacht could be the perfect solution for you. This does not come cheap, but it is a great way to have a truly memorable vacation that you can do with several friends or family, depending on the size of the boat. Mexico is known for its clear waters and incredible marine life, so chartering a yacht and experiencing it first-hand is a must-do activity for those who can afford it. 
While you have your luxury vessel, you can do and see almost anything, viewing the stunning coastline from afar or having day trips in the countless towns dotted along the way. Whether you go for the turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya or the secluded coves of Baja California, sea travel is the ultimate way to experience the real Mexico. It can take some time to get there and see everything there is to see, so make sure to plan, make the most of it, and do not rush your trip.

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