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Toyota Prius – a week driving the hybrid gas saver

toyota prius review

Living around Atlanta, it seems I’m always filling up my tank, and I WORK FROM HOME! But I drive to restaurants, meet up with friends and go on hikes enough that it requires me to put as much gas in my car as if I had a regular commute. So, I was interested to see how the gas would be for one week with the 2018 Toyota Prius.

I’ll be honest, when they first dropped up the Prius for me, the bright blue color made me think, “Are the Smurfs gonna call and tell me they want their car back?” The cars I’ve owned have been largely neutral colors: grey, gold, black, silver. The boldest color choice was when I got a Toyota corolla in college and went with the teal color. I’d love to tell you the color of this 2018 Toyota Prius grew on me as the week wore on, but it didn’t. But I was able to overlook that when I realized how much fuel efficiency the Prius has.

One of the things I found interesting about the Toyota Prius is the Nav panel. Many put the features of gas, speed and lane departure right above the steering wheel, but this was placed a bit to the right which I found much more easy to view. Plus, there was a large infotainment system that I easily connected my phone to.

toyota prius new infotainment navigation display

Large display for the infotainment in the Toyota Prius

My first ride in the Toyota Prius found me and a friend driving to media event that took us on the interstate. Using the built in GPS, I loved that it gives you chance to make the appropriate turns vs. Waze, which tells me about 5 inches before I have to turn.

toyota prius trunk room

Not loads of space in the Toyota Prius

The rides to both the gym and a nearby hiking trail were pleasant, with the weather cooling down enough for me to enjoy the sunroof and easily parking no matter how small the parking spaces are as this car is TINY. A trip to the grocery store proved a bit of a challenge with the Toyota Prius. The trunk space is quite limited for hauling much of anything. So, don’t think you’re going to be transporting that next great piece of furniture you got for a steal on Craigslist in the Toyota Prius.

We also drove the Prius across town on our last night of having it. For all the driving we did, even a round trip airport run, there was still plenty of gas when we turned it in. I usually have to fill up once with a loaner car, but not so with the Toyota Prius!

2018 toyota prius hybrid car review

The Toyota Prius averages 46 MPG

What are your thoughts on the Toyota Prius? Would you consider driving one?

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