6 things in travel that will change after COVID-19 [it’s not all bad]


As COVID-19 continues to restrict things like travel, people now wonder what things will look like after the pandemic. And although the travel industry has worked its way through past crises, can it also rebound from this one? So far, experts are saying it will.

However, there is no doubt that more precautions are going to be taken in the future, while the affected markets either make or break some parts of the travel industry. Also, once the public health crisis improves, travelers will notice steep drops in prices that’ll get them moving again. 

Here are six things travelers are likely to see once the industry turns back on after the Coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Passengers May See Travel As More Luxurious

Ever seen those old pictures of passengers on planes wearing their best formal business suits, doilies over the backs of their seats, while being attended to by equally impeccably dressed and glamorous air hostesses, with not a single seatbelt in sight? We’ll never completely return to this halcyon yet slightly off attitude towards travel – who would want to wear such uncomfortable clothes on a long-haul flight – but don’t be surprised if previous one-star-average TripAdvisor reviewing passengers start to gush over what a pleasant journey they had, even if there was turbulence and they lost their luggage.

Suddenly, waiting in line for hours to get through security, rushing to your gate, delayed flights and even the inevitable increased hygiene measures won’t sound so bad at all. Maybe.

Destinations Will Change after COVID-19

best iceland day tour volcano

This is a bonus stop on the Spicy Golden Circle tour in Iceland

Places like Ibiza, Tulum, Iceland and Barcelona, previously overrun with tourists are now enjoying a peaceful, litter and noise pollution free landscape, although they’re also dealing with greatly reduced income from the shutdown of all their tourist industries. If many of the main airlines flying to these destinations are forced to shut down, will people still flock to these natural phenomenon and party spots? Maybe, but after these locations have just recovered from the damage excessive tourism does to them, they could get stricter with the amount of tourists they allow in, and what the tourists are allowed to do.

Where do you want to go after this crisis? Maybe a very specific bucket-list destination like Cyprus, or to track down a certain long-forgotten beach or camping spot from long ago? People are already planning unique trips, getting their documentation and luggage in order to go visit that relative they’ve been meaning to see, setting off immediately as soon as they hear that they can.

Longer and Different Journeys

With some countries opening up before others, and with varying restrictions, reaching any destination by any means of transport is going to become a zig-zag route as you are forced to navigate around some places and get turned around. With some airlines closing down and others cutting back on flights, you may be forced to take alternative modes of travel, too. You won’t be able to reach some places that quickly for a while, so all you can do is enjoy these voyages, listening to a long playlist or mixtape while catching up on your reading list (if you’ve got any books left on it after lockdown).

Hotels will be deemed Safer Than Airbnb post COVID-19

hotel charlotte-vs-airbnb-coronavirus

Hotels will be regarded as safer than AirBnB

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb had made it possible for travelers to stay to rent other people’s homes or places, rather than pay a lot of money for a hotel room (or even try to find one that’s not booked yet). However, COVID-19 will have travelers distrust Airbnb, due to concerns for cleanliness in the rented house or place. In fact, travelers would rather have a clean place to stay, than leave it all to chance. Thus, this may seem like bad news for Airbnb-type rentals.

Air Flexibility… For A While


Although airlines have already seen their fair share of re-bookings and refund demands, especially since the outbreak had risen, they will continue to be less strict on cancellations and change fees… for the time being. Experts say that by the time 2021 comes around, airlines will be back to business as usual.

Also, airline flyers may be glad to know that planes will be less full than usual. Experts suggest that changes in seating should be made, and that flight prices drop, in order to turn things around in the industry.

It’s also reported that several carriers are considering making changes to the flight experience. Carriers had already announced plans to do away with some of the food and beverage services during a flight, and assigning people to the middle seats, in order to cut costs and reduce human interaction on board.

Cheap Cruises after the horrific experiences during COVID-19

If you love to go on cruises, then the good news is that cruise prices will be low as services restart. However, attracting new customers to cruise travel will pose a new challenge to cruise lines. One reason that this may be the case is because of the global headlines spouting out horror stories of the coronavirus infecting people on ships, thus having the travel industry restrict travel and deny ports of entry. No doubt being locked in those small rooms, many passengers mental health was tested. After such an ordeal, here’s a good read about getting help. I think I would have! 

Nevertheless, experts suggest that cruise lines focus their attention on new ships that are still under construction, and have them reconfigured, so that they can attract more people. By creating bigger staterooms, reducing passenger density on board, and opting for la carte dining across rate tiers instead of buffets, cruise lines can reassure the public that their ships are safe for travel.


Of course, travel will continue business after the coronavirus pandemic. However, with a returning industry comes changes and possible great deals for travelers. But for now, stay home and stay safe.

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