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Treat your feet: why everyone should get regular foot massages

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Happy Feet, Healthy Body?

Your feet are the wheels of your body. They hold up your entire weight and take you where you need to go. Yet so many of us overlook their care. Not me. Ever since I got my first ever foot massage last year, I’ve been hooked. The funny thing is I didn’t really think I was going to like it. See, I don’t like massages. A stranger’s hands on my exposed body? No, thanks. Plus, I find body massages too intense and too rough. I tense up and never reach that nirvana of total relaxation I’ve heard so much about. So, I was skeptical when I made an appointment for my first foot massage. But I had nothing to fear, it was totally relaxing.

Foot massages are a common practice throughout many places in Asia as a healing method. In the east, foot massages is not only regular care for adults but practiced on children as well.

Foot massages or reflexology works in the same manner as acupuncture. Each area of the foot corresponds with another area of the body and by massaging each part of the foot, you may be working on your liver, kidney, colon, stomach, etc. Much in the same way they say that certain yoga positions are good for organs or detoxifying the body, a foot massage can work in the same way.

hot stone foot massage

Hot stones used at my foot massage

Health benefits are not entirely proven, but many claim they work. It is said that a foot massage /reflexology can not only get rid of toxins, but help your circulation, improve body functions and even improve memory. A professional foot reflexologist may even diagnose the health problems that you are facing just by massaging your feet.

If nothing else, a foot massage will help melt away the day’s stress. Better yet, it’s a great way to celebrate a birthday with small group of friends or just pamper yourself. When I did this for my birthday, a group of us made an appointment before dinner at a lovely spot that specializes in food massages called Treat Your Feet. The semi private room was ultra relaxing. They turn the lights down, play comforting music and the best part? They let you have champagne while you lie there getting your feet rubbed! The 30 minute massage was just $25 per person.

foot massage feet health

My happy feet after a relaxing foot massage on my birthday

A couple tips:

  1. Wear pants that easily roll up as you’ll need these just about rolled up to your knees for a foot massage
  2. Don’t forget to paint your toe nails if it is winter. You might be embarrassed if your friends have their pretty pedicures and you don’t.
  3. Shave your legs!

Your feet take the biggest beating throughout the day. They have to get you where you need to go and hold up your entire body weight. Don’t forget to treat your feet once in a while. While the health benefits of a foot massage may be constantly scrutinized, I know that I feel completely relaxed and at ease after a good foot massage. Try it and see how it makes you feel.

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