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Uncle Julio’s Mexican restaurant


Last month, Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant has locations in several states in the US. A visit to any Uncle Julio’s is bound to be a delightful experienceUncle Julio\'s Patio

Uncle Julio\’s PatioLuckily, the weather was absolutely perfect on this Monday afternoon, sunny and in the 70s. As we entered Uncle Julio’s we immediately noticed the attention to detail. This is truly a beautiful space. In speaking to a couple of the marketing staff that were in town for the opening, I found out that they actually import some of the stone pieces from Mexico.

Uncle Julio\'s Mojito

Uncle Julio\’s Mojito

First stop was of course the bar. I first opted for a margarita on the rocks, although the signature Swirl Margarita did look quite temping. The margarita was quite tasty and didn’t skimp on the alcohol, but I wanted to see how their Mojito was. And, it blew me away. I’m not usually a fan of Mojitos, as they tend to be too sweet for me, but this one had just the right balance of sweet flavoring and alcohol.

Uncle Julio\'s Fresh, Soft Torillas

Uncle Julio\’s Fresh, Soft Torillas

Drink in hand, we were escorted on a tour of the 2-story restaurant. Beginning with the kitchen, we passed by their tortilla machine, which was churning out warm, soft tortillas, which we nibbled on as we walked around. I haven’t toured many kitchens, and I know the restaurant is new, but this has got to be one of the cleanest kitchens I’ve ever seen. Peering inside the fridge, we noted all produce is dated. And I found out Uncle Julio’s even has it’s own butcher on site.

Uncle Julio\'s Sandy Springs Dining

Uncle Julio\’s Sandy Springs Dining

After the brief tour, it was time to sample some of the cuisine. What mexican meal wouldn’t start without chips and salsa? I loved the smokey flavor of the salsa here. The guacamole was very fresh tasting too. For appetizers we were treated to veggie (mushrooms, peppers and onions) quesadillas as well as tamales. While I thought the tamales were somewhat bland, the quesadillas were extremely flavorful, definitely a vegetarian entree that could be thoroughly enjoyed by a non-vegetarian.

Uncle Julio\'s Shrimp, Fajitas, and Pork Ribs

Uncle Julio\’s Shrimp, Fajitas, and Pork Ribs

Next we were on to the main entrees. We sampled the Plato Gordo, which a sampling of the 3 most popular menu items: chicken and beef fajitas, camarones brochette, and costillas. The fajitas were delicious. The camarones brochette (shrimp stuffed with cheese and jalapenos then wrapped with bacon) were probably my favorites – fresh, spicy, what’s not to like? The Costillas which are ribs were equally as tasty.

Uncle Julio\'s Desserts - Cajeta, Flan, Sopasillas

Uncle Julio\’s Desserts – Cajeta, Flan, Sopasillas

But we weren’t done yet – we still had dessert. Of course we sampled the flan, a traditional mexican dessert and it was done just right. And the Sopapillas, puffed pastries served with honey for dipping were definitely tasty and a great option if you have a large group and want to share. But the most exceptional was the Cajeta – vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut and pecans, topped with caramel sauce. Think of it like mexican fried ice cream with a twist.


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