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Vincent’s Italian Restaurant, Kennesaw, GA Restaurant Review

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Great Italian Family Restaurant on Barrett Parkway

Although Vincent’s Italian Restaurant is technically Marietta, it really is closer to Kennesaw. It is about 3 miles down Barrett Parkway from Highway 41. A little out of the way, Vincent’s Restaurant has fabulous service and decent food. We had a late dinner at Vincent’s on a Friday night, arriving at about 9 pm. We were the last ones in there when we were leaving at 10.

It is similar to other Italian restaurants in that the table gets garlic rolls and a salad to share. I tend to order the Eggplant Parmasean when I first visit an Italian restaurant. It is sort of my litmus test as to how solid the rest of the menu will be. It hasn’t failed me yet.

While this eggplant parm isn’t the best I’ve ever had, it was still pretty good. It was better when heated up the next day and after I had added salt and parmasean cheese to it. My boyfriend, Glen, had the Veal Sicilian – breaded veal cutlets with mixed with eggplant. It was a very generous portion, however he did say that it had a lot of fat on it.

Although I didn’t catch the server’s name, she was great. Stayed on top of everything and made sure we had everything we needed. I also liked that she didn’t forget about us once we got our food as so many servers often do. She checked back with us several times but wasn’t overbearing. She even brought us fresh garlic rolls when we were packing up our food.

Tip: Avoid the cold antipasto appetizer at Vincent’s. It’s 10 bucks and the only difference between that and the free salad that comes with your meal, is some salami, prosciutto and ham, oh and 2 artichokes.

Extras: They have a decent bar with and a good selection of martinis to choose from.

3412 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30064

(678) 290-2031

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  • This place has some serious problems. I called a moment ago and talked to the owner, Paul just to ask questions about the restaurant; had never heard of it before and saw an ad in the Savy Shopper magazine. Because I was simply asking a question, he very rudely called me several ugly names, something to the effect of “no life pathetic person with nothing to do” and that I should not call his restaurant to ask the questions I was asking. By the way, the question only pertained to the ad in the magazine. I called back, thinking I must have misunderstood something. However, he then told me that if I called back again, he had my number from *69 and he would call the police. Folks, I have never in all my life had anyone do this because you call their restaurant to get information before placing an order. I called Cobb County Police myself to report the incident the moment after Paul, the owner of this restaurant, hung up on me. I will never set foot at this place. He is rude and obviously has some kind of mental disorder and instability to behave this way when a a patron calls his restaurant. This place should not even be on your radar for consideration.Scratch them *OFF* the list for Italian restaurants. Don’t even consider going here unless you are prepared to be treated in the most RUDE manner, if they serve you at all.

  • I’m really surprised to hear that as my experience with Vincen’t was quite the opposite. I was even using a coupon from the Savvy Shopper as well and didn’t have any problems. I’m very sorry that happened to you.


  • Malika, thanks for your kind words. I am still in shock that it happened. There was no reason for that at all. I am very loyal and a frequent patron to restaurants, and I have never had this happen either. Can’t imagine why he reacted that way to a simple question. I actually thought of it as a simple introduction, as I planned to go often after trying it. I eat out several times a week, as I don’t like to cook. It’s a shame that I am not welcome there. But even more seriously, I wonder what is wrong with Paul. He has some serious issues to respond in that manner. I’ll find another place. I used to eat almost daily at Rossa’s Italian in Woodstock, and unfortunately they went out of business. They were excellent and knew me well!

  • Also, by the way, ALL I asked him was what it means under the name of his restaurant in the Savvy Shopper where is says “We are not a garden, factory, grill or warehouse” That is ALL I asked him and to that he unleased into the most unbelievable tirade.

    I work for a leading beverage company and I will find out if he carries our products and if so, I am thinking about mentioning this to our account manager. I have a spotless reputation with my employer and coming from me, it will speak volumes.

  • Ma’am, I work at Vincent’s and I was there on the day you called. You asked some of the most asinine questions and then called back REPEATEDLY to the point of harassment. You are misrepresenting the situation and I don’t think that Vincent’s will suffer due to your lack of patronage.

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