13 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Aruba


Here are the 13 things I learned both before and after I visited Aruba.  I wish I knew all of these things about Aruba first!

Cash is king when you visit Aruba!


Though Aruba has its own currency system, the US dollar is accepted everywhere. So, no need to get money changed over.

Taxis are expensive in Aruba!


I had asked someone who travels to Aruba regularly about the cost of a taxi and they said it was “relatively inexpensive”. I guess cost is truly relative. I didn’t think that $31 + tip is inexpensive.

SPF 30 sunscreen isn’t strong enough!


Aruba is VERY close to the equator and SPF 30 sunscreen just won’t do the trick. My husband got a bit of sun poisoning even though he lathered up each and every day every part of his body.

Off road tours – what the extra cash is for


We took an off road (UTV tour) in Aruba. It was the best thing we did when we were on the island! They mysteriously said “bring extra cash” but never were clear on what exactly it was for.

Water is okay to drink


In fact, the water is more than okay. The filtration system in Aruba is fantastic and you don’t have to worry one bit about getting sick. We drank water right out of the tap from our hotel and it tasted terrific.

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