I Have a Tick Bite. What Should I Do?


A tick bite is a serious cause for concern.  Here are the most important things to do after a tick bite.

There are different varieties of ticks. Some ticks, if not removed soon enough can transmit Lyme disease.  There’s no cure and the side effects are life long.

Then there’s another kind of tick that can transmit a disease that will cause an allergic reaction to red meat. The alpha-gal meat allergy means that people afflicted can no longer tolerate beef, pork or lamb.

How to defend yourself from a tick bite?

Wear clothing that covers your body to deter a tick from getting on your body.


Use a spray that contains Permethrin, the insecticide found in antimalarial products, to ward ticks off.


Hose down the dog to stop a tick from getting inside. Though most ticks that would latch on to a dog, don’t carry diseases that can harm a human, don’t take any chances.


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