Did you Know? 

32% of teens don't know the difference between a debit / card

74% of teens don't feel confident about their financial literacy. Probably because almost 60% of parents don't talk to their kids about money at all

But there are debit cards specifically for kids that can help them learn about money management and finances.

Parents retain control w/ this debit card 

Parents can have their own access to see the transactions and cut off usage whenever they want. It's a terrific way to teach kids financial responsibility.

Parents can use kids' allowance to help teach kids about making financial decisions

Teach them when they are young

about how money decision can affect their life and overall well being

So that they have a better chance of 

Financial independence and control of their money management and savings as they get older.

21% of Americans have no money saved for an emergency

Don't let you kid grow up to be one of them!