Lily and Fox Nail Wraps Honest Review


I’ve been on a nail wrap kick for about a year and a half. I’ve tried many brands from the old faithful Color Street to the newer Lovely Hello. Pretty much any time a new nail wrap company comes out I try it.  I’ve tried Lily & Fox and here’s my experience.

How long do Lily & Fox nail wraps last?

According to customer service, their nail wraps last for 14 days. I have not had them last that long.  The longest my nail wraps lasted from Lily & Fox were 11 days.

How much do Lily & Fox nail wraps cost?

These nail wraps are $2.99 each and I love that they have free shipping.  Note that shipping can take over 10 days (for me it has been about 2 weeks from the time I place the order.

What is the selection like with Lily & Fox?

They have a good selection of glitter, ombre, geometrical, and seasonal designs. I have honed in on several that I am now loyal to.

How does Lily & Fox compare to Lovely Hello Nail wraps?

I find the Lily & Fox nail wraps to be much better. I actually wrote the owner of Lovely Hello to tell them about Lily & Fox and she said they are exactly the same but I find that hard to believe.

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