Which FB character are you?

...Be careful you may be one of these annoying types. Here are some..

1. Narcissistians People that post their entire camera role and it is all of them.

2. Vaguebookers Someone alludes to something sad or awful that has happened, but doesn’t fully explain in an attempt for sympathy.

3. Brokie Brokertons

It's awful when people complain about having no $$ then post lavish vacation photos, dining out, etc. How is it not obvious this isn't ok?

4. Humble Brag, much?

Didn't people stop doing the humble brag in 2015? You know the do gooder who wants everyone to know what they did?

5. The instigator

It's common in people who have friends from various background and beliefs. They post questions to stir the pot. Don't give in!