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Comfortable wedges for your next vacation


Wedges are great, aren’t they? They’re versatile shoes that can add a little bit of chic to any outfit you can think of – and that is what makes them the perfect footwear for going on vacation with.

They can be worn with casual dresses to make a relaxed and fun statement while keeping you comfortable at the same time. The best thing about them is that they also work for evening wear, you can pair them with a sophisticated outfit should you find yourself heading out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

When you’ve got limited suitcase space yet need a whole wardrobe full of different footwear for different occasions, it can be difficult to decide what to leave out. However, because wedges work with practically anything, they are the answer to your problems. Here are the best types of wedges which are suited to your vacation needs.


Sandals are the ultimate vacation shoe because they are suitable for nearly every daytime activity you can think of. They’re perfect for visiting the sea if you are on a beach vacation and can be used out in the countryside when lounging around a campsite. They can even be the ideal footwear for spending hours exploring one of Europe’s best city break destinations.

A good pair of comfortable wedge sandals will give you support and comfort on those long vacation days spent on your feet. They also allow your feet to breathe, allowing the summer sun to work its magic on them, which makes wedge sandals a brilliant investment that can see you through the majority of your vacation.


Wedge heels are only required really if you are on a certain type of vacation. If you’re camping in a national park, then chances are you aren’t going to be in the sort of situation where you find yourself needing to wear heels. If however, you are on a vacation whereby you might end up going for dinner in one of New York’s most beautiful restaurants, then you are going to want to look your glamorous best.

The whole point of wedges is that they are meant to be comfortable, so don’t go too overboard with the length of the heel – three to four inches should suffice. After all, if you’re on vacation, then chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking the following day, and you don’t really want to put your feet through the agony of wearing massive heels before that.


Wedge Booties are halfway between a traditional boot and a more formal shoe, which means you can easily wear them during the day for walking around as well as sporting them at night at a party. They come in multiple styles and go with virtually anything, from chic dresses to casual jeans to leggings after you’ve been on a run.

If you pack a pair of wedge booties, then you’ll be taking on vacation with you a set of shoes that are adept in two completely contrasting situations – and it’s that versatility that makes them worthy of a place in the suitcase.

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