What We Can Learn from Recent Gutter Cleaning Burglaries in Atlanta

In a small, centrally-located Georgia county, four gutter cleaning company employees were recently detained or have warrants issued for their arrest by local police. During their shift, they allegedly entered the customer’s home and stole items – including a safe holding personal documents. 

This bit of news had homeowners scrambling, worried, and investigating whether their gutter cleaning company employed people who could be capable of the same criminal acts in their homes. No customer should ever be faced with the fear of home invasion while maintaining their home. 

It’s time for due diligence. 

Before contracting a gutter cleaning company, there are a few things you should verify. 

Hire the Gutter Cleaning Pros 

Instead of hiring the neighbor’s friend’s uncle to clean your gutter system, hire a professional company with a reputation to uphold. A majority of businesses (gutter cleaning and otherwise) have business profiles online with reviews – and every professional gutter-centered business wants those reviews to remain on the positive end of the range. The pros will work to ensure customer satisfaction every time – avoiding unprofessional actions and behaviors. 

Employee Background Checks

When performing work at customer homes, businesses, schools, and other spaces where clients are present, professional gutter cleaning businesses often conduct background checks as a requirement for employment. Many experts agree that previous behavior can be a decent predictor of future actions. It’s imperative that each contractor conduct thorough background checks to protect both the customer and the business. 

Employment Agreements 

Upon hiring gutter cleaning employees, most professional businesses encourage them to sign and abide by contractual employment agreements that list and describe benefits, ethics, values, and the repercussions of failing to uphold their end of the deal. 

Employee Monitoring 

Gutter cleaning pros that prioritize their customers will go to any length to ensure they are both satisfied with the cleaning AND remain safe in the process. Crews often include a foreman or onsite supervisor to monitor employees as they perform their crucial work. Lack of proficient supervision could result in cutting corners, lackluster work, and employees who take advantage of their client base. 

Valid Insurance and Licensure  

Every legally-operating business making repairs or performing maintenance on a home must be licensed and insured. Gutter contractor insurance often includes liability protections that safeguard the company and its customers in the case of a lawsuit or damage. 

If getting up on that ladder and cleaning out your gutter systems a few times a year isn’t quite what you had in mind for a fun-loving weekend, hire a pro – but… be sure to research each potential company before entering into a service contract with them. It’s a matter of safety for all involved and with the experts, you can expect a job well done.  

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