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Which gym character are you? (Hint: none are good)

which gym character are you

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There are all kinds of characters at the gym. At my gym I have the toupe wearer, the guy who videos every session and and the ones who like to hang out talking to the staff.

Here’s 9 common gym characters. Hope you aren’t one of them!

gym parking violation

This douchebag took up two parking spots at the front of the gym!

The Bad parker gym character. When it comes to driving, this is second only to the slow pokes in the left lane. I mean isn’t this like, driving 101? Parking at the gym is hard to come by at peak times and even when it’s off peak, its just inconsiderate. Take a look at this douchey parking job.

The socializer gym character. Some people are naturally, extroverts. Me? I’m in introvert through and through. I like to get in and out of the gym as soon as possible and be done with my workout. To each his own, I think, though. The only time I mind the socializer character at the gym is when they congregate in front of a machine they aren’t using. Or, their conversation is really loud and I’m hearing personal details I just don’t want to hear.

The vocalist gym character. Some people get into their playlist. Like really into it. Like singing and not realizing how loud they are. But that’s nothing compared to the grunting guys. Yes, we get it, you’re so in shape and pushing yourself to the absolute limit. But we really don’t want to hear your grunting. Are you this gym character? Please. Just. Stop.


The expander gym character. Oh you just want somewhere to put your water bottle while you do your squats and the bench next to you is free? You know that’s for working out right? Check out the picture below. This women continued several sets utilizing the seat to her left to hold weights and her water bottle.

gym character selfish

The Expander. It was busy at the gym but didn’t stop this selfish woman from using one of the benches as a holding spot for her weights.

The messy kid gym character.  Are you this gym character – because to me, it’s the the most annoying. Look, you can keep your house as messy as you want. That’s your domain. God knows I’m not a neat or tidy person as much as I really, really want to be. But at the gym? Return used items to their place. Guys take off the heavy weights from the bars. Women cannot undo them.

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The fit couple gym character. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a fit couple. My hubs is in the best shape since I met him and me? Well, it is an everyday struggle when you love food as much as I do. But there are those gym couples that are so fit and prance around like they own the gym. You know these couples. The ones that because they have like zero percent body fat, it gives them the right to leave their weights everywhere or claim a piece of equipment for an inordinate amount of time and other gym infractions on this list.

gym character are you

The ghost – people have claimed their spot by laying their stuff all around but have disappeared.

The ghost gym character. Though many of the gym characters fit a male or female persona, both sexes fit into this one. You know these people. They are the ones that plant their gear (gym bag, water bottle, towel) around a piece of gym equipment to claim it and then disappear to work out on other equipment. My husband refers to these people as “setting up for a day at the beach.” So NOT cool, people.


The phone addict gym character. I’ve got to admit, I do this. I check my phone in between sets…often. But it’s quick. I wouldn’t carry on my group text with my girlfriends while we decide where to have dinner before a concert. But I see so many people doing just that. I’ve waited patiently while someone finishes their text to get on a machine.

Oh and wake up call: if you just come to the gym and sit on the machines but don’t actually do anything but text, this is NOT working out, no matter how cute your workout clothes are. See the woman on the bottom right, she went from machine to machine doing that. Be respectful of others at the gym and don’t be this obnoxious gym character.

cell phone gym

Don’t sit on the machines and play on your cell phone at the gym.

The stinky one gym character. Oh. My. God. Dudes, this is all you. Sure, you might think Monday’s gym clothes pass the sniff test, but the big empty spaces around you beg to differ. Wash your gym clothes and quit being this awful gym character.

Here’s a bonus tip: Smile and be friendly. Most people just look away when they make eye contact at the gym. So sad. Smile. You might just brighten up someone’s day.

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which gym character are You


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