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How to see who’s viewed my Facebook profile [5 different ways]


Facebook is a popular social media platform that needs no introduction. Many spend hours browsing posts and stories. You can also message your friends, share your thoughts through text or videos and even play games. However, Facebook is also a platform that has access to a lot of private information of its users. 

The only concern people have using this platform is privacy. It is no longer hidden from anyone – there are thousands of fake profiles on Facebook and those are mainly created by taking pictures and information from a genuine profile which could also be yours. This leads to a very important question – Can I check who is viewing my profile? 

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile – how to find out – 5 different methods 

This was one of the features that Facebook never wanted to roll out. However, due to a certain event that took place with a data analytics firm namely Cambridge Analytica, Facebook agreed to provide features where you can see who viewed your profile. However, lots of people claimed that Facebook shares its data i.e. the user’s personal information with third-parties. Hence, it requires having more powerful privacy control.

Fortunately, Facebook has now rolled out a feature where users can know who has visited their profile. Here are those methods, let us see them one by one:

Who’s viewed my Facebook profile Method 1 – The Official Way

A lot of people have come hard on Facebook for its privacy policy, as a result Facebook is making a lot of changes to be more user-friendly in terms of privacy. Recently, Facebook has come up with a new feature known as ‘who viewed your profile’. Using this feature you can check the list of profiles that have visited your Facebook account in the last 30 days. Additionally, one can also see who has viewed their recent posts and updates.

Steps to do so are very simple: Login to your FB account > Open main drop-down menu from the right top corner > Click on Privacy Shortcuts > Click on the feature “who viewed my profile”

This feature is not rolled out to all users as of now. This feature is present for iOS users only. As per reports, this will be available for all users by April 2021.

Who’s viewed my Facebook profile Method 2 – For Desktop Users

If you are not using the mobile app and you still want to know who is visiting your profile, this approach will help you find it. This is a bit time-consuming method, especially if you compare it with other methods but the method will never let you down. A lot of people have been using this method for years now.


For this, you need to visit your Facebook profile on the web browser, say on Chrome. The URL should look something like – Once the page is completely loaded (it may take time to load the page), right-click anywhere on the page and select the option “view page source”. 

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut “CTRL + U” to view the source page. This will open the new page which will contain codes of the source. Don’t get worried by seeing all the technical things on the page. You have nothing to do with it. All you need to do is find a keyword on the page. To do that, you need to hold CTRL + F. It will open a dialog box asking you to put in the word or a phrase to find on the page. You will have to find “BUDDY_ID.”

Once you give it and press enter, you will see some profile ids in the form of numbers. These are the profile ids that have visited you recently. Now to know whose ids are these, all you need to do is open – and append the profile id along with forward slash –

Who’s viewed my Facebook profile Method 3 – Google Chrome Extension

This is another very simple way to find who visited your Facebook profile. If you don’t want to spend time following all steps of the above method, you can go with this method which will hardly take any time. Open Google Chrome and look for the ‘Social Profile Extension’ page. You will see an option ‘Add to Chrome.’ 

Click on this option and it will get added to your Chrome browser. The extension may take some time to get added to your browser since it first gets downloaded and then added. If you have a slow connection, you may have to wait a bit longer.

Once you have successfully added the extension to your Chrome browser, open and login into your account. Once you are in your profile, you can see the timeline bar. On this bar, you will see a new option as ‘Visitor.’ Click on this option to find who has visited your profile. Simple, right?

Who’s viewed my Facebook profile Method 4 – For iOS App Users

If you are an iPhone user, you can find a number of apps developed by iOS developers that help you find your profile visitors. One of the popular apps is ‘Social fans.’ This app will provide you with all the information about who viewed your profile.

Who’s viewed my Facebook profile Method 5 – For Android Users

If you are an Android phone user and wondering if any apps are available for you then yes, there are apps for you as well. You will find a number of apps on the Google Play Store related to this feature. One of the popular apps is ‘Who Viewed My Profile.’ This app will not only let you know your Facebook profile visitors but also other social media apps visitors like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Just download the app and select one of the three options – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to know visitors from any of them. Login to your selected app and then you will be able to see a list of people who have viewed your profile.

The above-given methods will let you find out who viewed  your facebook profile. It is a good practice to check who is visiting your social media profiles once in a while.  

Also, there are many other apps in the market that are available for free download which provide fake functions and offer viewers information as to who viewed their Facebook profile. It is advisable not to make use of such apps since they can consist of malware that can infect your phone or they can help hackers access your Facebook profile. Rather, if you really want to know who viewed your profile, try any of the methods listed above. 

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