Tre’za, Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA Restaurant First Impressions

By Guest Blogger – Sean Ellis

Over in Brookhaven there’s a new place to visit. It’s a QSR with gourmet salads, an oven delivered from Italy, local beers, local ingredients and gelato!

It’s called Tre’za. Tre’, Italian for three, showcasing Italy’s three main dishes: pizza, salad and gelato. And ‘za, as in slang for pizza. Their oven operates between 750 and 800 degrees and it takes between 3 and 4 minutes to cook at 10″-12″ ‘za.

Their ingredients are all local (farm to fork). They make their sausages in house and it is delightful. While I was there, so was their local farmer that provides them lettuce as well as their meat supplier. Their gelato is made fresh daily as well.

Close to my heart is the craft beer selection. When I was there, they had stuff from @MondayNight (web), @RedHareBrewing (web), and @jailhousebrewer (web). I had a RedHare Watership Brown (brown ale) as well as a Monday Night Drafty Kilt (scotch ale). The Monday Night beers have had a little more time to tweak their recipes and it really shows. I love their beers.

Christopher @EatDrnkRepeat and I split a ‘za with pepperoni and sausage. The manager (VP of Operations – Jarrod Brooks) informed us that they have their flour shipped in from Italy, and it’s 00 super fine texture leads to a nice smooth, soft dough & crust. Sauce made with local ingredients then topped freshly shaved mozzarella, and you have an excellent meal. I was very impressed.

They advertise gourmet salads. Whereas I wasn’t blown away by the flavors from the “Southwest” salad, I was floored by the “Asian” salad. Mandarin oranges dance around a garden of fresh veggies, perfectly made juicy chicken chunks, all coated with a spicy dressing that brought it all together.

I also tried some gelato. Banana Pudding and Strawberry came to us and it was delicious and and creamy, as expected.

It feels a little plastic-y. It’s a franchise concept, but the first of its kind in Georgia. Dim the lights a little and give us some bigger group seating and the place is perfect, aside from the remote location for most of us. Regardless, I’d go back for sure. Loved it. I’d give it a 9/10.

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