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25 Best Ideas for Celebrating Best Friend’s Day, Galentine’s Day or GNO


Galentine’s Day is an unofficial celebration created by Leslie Knope. Celebrated on February 13. Here are 25 fun ideas to celebrate with your girl squad

Best Friend’s Day is June 8 and Galentine’s Day is an unofficial celebration created by Leslie Knope. Celebrated on February 13, just one day before Valentine’s Day, it encourages spreading platonic love and spending the day with your girl or boy squad, without your partners. Of course you can celebrate Best Friend’s day too! 

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Here are 25 best ideas for celebrating Galentine’s day or Best Friends Day!

  1. Galentine’s Weekend Getaway 

Okay this might be a bit difficult for those of us who have partners. But for those that don’t renting a cabin or heading to the beach is a perfect idea. Don’t wait for one of your Galentine buddies to plan it – organize it yourself.

2. Cozy BFF or Galentine’s Night In

One of the best ideas to celebrate Galentine’s Day is to organize a cozy night in. You can invite friends to bring a dish and you supply the drinks. Pick a girly flick like the Notebook to watch. But please no Eat, Pray, Love! That was a horrible movie. Personally, I would pick and action movie. My pick for a Galentine’s movie would be The Long Kiss Goodnight. One movie that I loved and perhaps your friends have not seen that would make a perfect move to watch to celebrate the Galentine’s holiday is When We First Met which is streaming on Netflix. 


3. A Galentine’s / Best Friend’s Day Cooking session

You can all cook something to contribute to the evening.  Each person could contribute a dish. You could do this several ways. A couple people could make apps, someone could do a main dish, someone do a side dish and someone make a dessert. Or you could just pig out on sweets if you each want to contribute something to the evening. 

4. Kindness Rocks (literally)

I really love this idea.  It is important to motivate our friends and share our appreciation for them. Take some rocks from your garden, spray them with your favorite paint color and then write kindness messages with a sharp paint pen. It is an easy and affordable way to give your friends Galentine’s presents without spending a fortune. 

5. Coloring books for adults (Best Friend’s activity) 

One of the most relaxing activities you can have at a Galentine’s Day is coloring. There are a lot of sites with a Galentine theme, so you can print and color them with your squad. Or you could buy an adult coloring book. I think some adult drinks are in order for this too! 


Order 4 pizzas and have them delivered within 3 days

6. Order heart shaped foods like Pizza or Cakes to enjoy for Galentine’s or with your best friend

Who says heart shaped items are just for romance? Not me! I love the heart shaped pizzas that are available from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago. You can order and have them delivered anywhere in the United States.  I got the four pack (2 heart shaped pizzas and 2 regular ones for under $100 delivered)! 

7. Take a Class Together for Galentine’s

One of the best ideas that helps you strengthen the bond with your friends is taking a class together. It can be about skydiving, ceramic painting or even cooking. Maybe there’s a new skill you and your friends have wanted to learn. 

8. Get your nails done with your best friend 

Self care is important and a little pampering never hurt anyone.  Getting Mani Pedis is a great way to relax and catch up on all the gossip with your gal pasl 

9. Karaoke it up for Galentine’s Day! 


Something I heard a long time ago is that EVERYONE loves karaoke (even the ones that say they aren’t really into it). If you are celebrating Galentine’s Day or Best Friend’s Day at your place, you can find a lot of karaoke songs on YouTube. Or head out to a spot that specializes in this. I bet this will be a popular idea for Galentine’s Day so don’t wait until the last minute to book this! 

10. Have a Spa Day for Best Friend Day or a gang for Galentine’s

What better occasion to relax than Galentine’s Day / Best Friend’s Day? Plan a spa day with your squad and relax in a cozy atmosphere. You can also do a mani pedi’s too if the spa thing is too pricey. 

11. Pajama Party it up for Galentine’s Day / sleepover with your BFF


When was the last time you had a pajama party? This is so Leslie Knope! If it was a long time ago, Galentine’s Day is the right occasion to organize one. Or maybe a group of your besties. Ask your friends to join you for a cozy and fun night. 

12. Get crafty for Galentine’s Day / Best Friend’s day

If you are having a girls night in, organize a craft project. Everyone will craft something and will be like a memory from this night with friends. Some ideas are a DIY terrarium or candle making.

13. Board Game Night 

If you are not into an activity that requires a lot of energy, you can organize a game board night. There are a lot of games to choose from. You can pick games from your childhood (for me that would be Monopoly). Or pick something more modern such as Cards Against Humanity. 

14. Book Club night for Galentine’s 

This is another suggestion to consider Obviously it will take some planning. if you want a chill night in. Choose a book to read before Galentine’s Day or your best friend day and discuss it along with a cup of tea and some cookies. Or put together a charcuterie plate and open up some wine. 

15. Go to a salt room and relax

The best thing to do on Galentine’s Day is to take care of yourself. I’ve gone to one with a friend of mine and we had a wonderful time and came out of the salt room feeling more calm and our breathing was much improved. 

16. Take it back old school for Best Friend’s Day

Who doesn’t have a blast doing those fun things we did as kids. Think bowling or roller skating – how fun would that be with a group outing.

17. Gratitude Notes

This is pretty low key, but if you have a tight group of friends, this could be really healing. To promote positive thinking and love, you can write to each other gratitude notes. Like this, you will get to know yourselves better and the bonds within you will be stronger. 

18. Go to Brunch for Galentine’s Day / Best Friend’s Day

This will not likely fall exactly on Galentine’s Day (Feb. 13) or Best Friend’s Day (June 8th)  but who cares? Brunch is always a fantastic way to get all your gal pals together and have a feast together! Eat good food, drink cocktails or mimosas and enjoy the presence of your friends. 

19. Treat your feet with your favorite gals!

foot massage feet health

My happy feet after a relaxing foot massage on my birthday

Perhaps you or friends don’t have enough dough to have a full spa day! That’s okay! That’s why I love getting foot massages. They are only around $25 – $30 for half an hour of pampering your feet. And yes, you’re worth it. Our feet take so much burden, we should absolutely treat them once in a while. What’s great about a foot massage is that many of them will allow you to bring wine or champagne in and drink up while you are getting your feet massaged. Now that sounds like an excellent time for Galentine’s / BFF Day to me!

20. Have a favorite things Galentine’s party 

Oprah is not the only who gets to share her favorite things! You and your friends can do this too! Plan a night-in where all of you will bring your favorite products, from coffee to clothes or skincare products. Everyone will draw a number and will “win” the product. 

21. Plan a Staycation for Best Friend’s Day

Grab your bestie, your mom, sister, etc and rent a room at a nice hotel in the city. Order room service and take advantage of the hotel opportunities, like swimming at the hotel’s pool. 

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22. Shop til you drop Galentine’s / Best Friend’s Day extravaganza

Take your bestie with you and go for a shopping session. This can prove to be very relaxing. 

23. Go see a tribute band and you and your gals can sing your heart out


Concerts are expensive, aren’t they? One thing I hate is when I do go to a concert and the seats are so far away the performer is a dot. That’s where tribute bands come in. They are so close to the real thing. They have a host of hits to choose from, not making you wait until the end to hear songs you know and love. Plus the prices are so reasonable! 

24. Girls getaway day trip 

You can go on a road trip without having to spend the night elsewhere. Choose a spot for a picnic and a hike. Perhaps you would like to go kayaking. It may sound weird but in old times people would have picnics in cemeteries. You could do that too. 

25. Plan a Gals Poker Night 

There is a common misconception that poker is just for boys, but it is for everyone who is interested in playing. So, why not try? Cigars optional. 

Galentine’s Day or Best Friend’s is the perfect occasion to have fun get together with all your gal pals. Gather your squad and make Leslie Knope proud. 

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