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Unlikely hangover cures

hangover cures

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Most of us have been there before, especially on vacation, you have a few too many and wake up feeling like you were run over by a truck. Of course the best advice is to pace yourself, hydrate and take ibuprofen BEFORE heading to bed. That doesn’t always happen, as we all know. The raging headache and sluggish feeling is the result of our bodies trying to force out the alcohol from our bodies.

So, if you do wake up with a horrible hangover and can’t spend the day in bed sleeping it off, here are a couple options.

1. Try Sprite. New research shows that it really helps to alleviate a hangover, even more than dark sodas. It promotes breakdown of something called acetaldehyde which causes the horrible hangover feeling.

2. Asparagus – Contrary to the greasy burger and fries many of us use to get rid of the horrible feeling in our stomach from hangovers, Asparagus can help rid us of the hangover effect sooner. While it may not be the go to food item when waking up from a hangover, it sure does help.

Roasted Asparagus and Poached Egg

3. Water – Alcohol dehydrates you, so water will help. The best way to avoid hangovers too is to drink a glass of water in between drinks. But we often forget to do that. The next best thing is pounding a glass of water and ibuprofen before you go to sleep. The next bet thing after that is to drink plenty of water when you get up the next morning if you’ve got a hangover.

Herbal teas might seem to be harmless and soothing even. But avoid them if you are nursing a hangover. In this case research suggests they are working against our bodies in fighting a hangover. While the chemical acetaldehyde is broken down by sodas like Sprite, it is found that herbal teas help to increase production of this. Now, you know! What’s your go to hangover cure?

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