Hibachi Private Chef – How to throw an awesome backyard birthday party

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inexpensive way to celebrate the end of the year, check out this guide for a hibachi party with a private chef.

Hibachi parties have caught on in a big way. If you’ve ever been to one you’ll easily see why. You can enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks while getting together with friends and family in the comfort of your home or backyard. And the best part? Someone else brings the food, does the cooking and there’s no clean up. Here’s everything you need to know about a mobile hibachi chef. 

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Hibachi party for Adults

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to throw a fantastic party for adults. I threw this hibachi birthday party for my husband and we had a blast. When doing a hibachi party you can do this indoors or outside with the private chef. They show up with a portable cart grill and unless they have to carry it up stairs, they can easily maneauver it inside your home or into the backyard. 

Let’s Hibachi mobile Chef comes to you with everything you need for your party

We had ours in the backyard. It was the perfect space outside as the back deck is covered, there’s a tv and ample seating for all our guests. For our hibachi party, we could have up to 10 people. We only needed to supply the plates, silverware, napkins and drinks. It is nice to have the party in the summer or early fall as it stays light out longer and even having the party at 7, you’d still have plenty of light. 

So what makes the hibachi party more for adults? Really the alcohol. Most of these parties not only include the chef making dinner but he comes prepared with a toy gun filled with sake and part of the fun is seeing how much party goers can imbibe without stopping. Of course you can opt for zero alcohol. Most of our friends don’t like Sake so we brought beer and wine and just keep in a cooler with ice. I also found some Asian canned cocktails that fit the occasion nicely.

Our Hibachi chef was entertaining as well as being a great cook!

Once our chef arrived he promptly got to work. These chef’s are not only good cooks but they entertain too. Our hibachi chef was pretty comedic with the sake and even happily posing for pictures. 

I was a bit skeptical about how good the food would be, but I was very pleased with how delicious the steak and shrimp we had were. It was so much food too. We even had some left overs to bring home. The meal started with salad with Asian dressing. Protip: I’d bring enough plates so that people can have a second plate after the salad and even a third one for dessert if you are offering that. It’s just nice to have a clean plate after your salad course. And definitely a new one for dessert.

The chef then cooked some rice on the grill. It was wonderful, however, it was served a second course rather than along with the meat which I preferred. There was so much rice I and most the guest were full by the time the meat came around. In fact, we were all so full, I didn’t even think anyone would want the birthday cake I had brought for dessert but everyone had a slice! 

Fun birthday party idea – private hibachi chef

Hibachi Party Decorations – What supplies do I need to buy? 

I only bought napkins, paper plates, plastic silverware, cups, drinks and a dessert. Of course if it is for a birthday party, you could go all out and buy balloons, signage and more. Me? I also bought a banner from a previous party I threw for Glen and promptly left it in the bag. I ordered a red velvet birthday cake too, which was the perfect size for 10 of us and even plenty left over for the birthday boy to have a few slices over the next several nights. 

We had a blast at our backyard birthday hibachi party!

Frequently Asked Questions About a Hibachi Home Party

How much does a private chef near me charge for a Hibachi party? 

The going rate seems to be about $500 and includes food and Sake for 10 people

How long does the private chef cook / entertain us? 

The chef was at our house for about 1.5 hours. He is able to get setup really quickly and gets to cooking. He also made some balloon hats with an Asian theme for all the women to wear. 

What kind of food does the chef cook on the hibachi?

We started with a salad with Asian dressing. Then the chef cooked rice (which is was fantastic) and that was our second course. Next up you can choose 2 meats (I choose steak and shrimp). You can get lobster for an upcharge but these 2 options seemed the most crowd friendly. 

What supplies do I need for a hibachi party at home?

You’ll need to supply the plates, silverware, cups, drinks, and dessert. I’d also recommend some sort of playlist for your music. If it is for a party you may want to get balloons or some other decorations. 

Is the tip for the private hibachi chef included?

No that is in addition to the $500 you pay for your event. 

if you are looking for a great experience go with Let’s Hibachi.

We had a great experience with our hibachi party at home and they chef was not only a great cook but he was entertaining as well.

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