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Ready to buy a mattress online? Here’s what you need to know


I bought a mattress online and you should too! Confessions of a Sleepaholic – I love my Saatva mattress!

After 12 years, yes 12 years, of sleeping on the same mattress, and starting to be robbed of sleep, I decided it was time to change. Our previous mattress buying experience was typical, lay on a bunch of them for a bit and pick which one feels the best, after just about a minute of laying on it. I mean does that really give you a solid foundation (see what I did there?) to make your decision. A dozen years ago there were no online mattress purchase options available. But that has all changed now. 

This time I decided with all the reviews online, why not just buy a mattress online? This lead to a deep dive into online mattress research, survey of friends and family and saving for our mattress purchase. When it comes to doing your online research for buying a mattress, I really found helpful, though their website is woefully out of date. I love that their reviews take in account a ton of factors like your size, what kind of sleeper you are (side, back stomach), comfort / noise during sex, return policy and others.



Ready to buy a mattress online? Read this first!

I even took their mattress quiz, where you answer a handful of questions and SLTD will come back with three choices. Their number one recommendation for me was the Saatva mattress. I like SLTD, but I don’t like them enough the leave my online mattress purchase decision solely up to them.

Friends and family interrogations on the best online mattresses were kind of futile as most had not purchased a mattress online yet. Budget wasn’t too much of an issue. I mean, if you spend about a third of your life on this piece of furniture, is that really the place to penny pinch? I think not. And since this was our first mattress purchase since being married, we decided to spoil ourselves with a King size (an upgrade from the queen we had been sleeping on).

not sure which online mattress to buy - take this quiz

Not sure which online mattress to buy – take this quiz

We had budgeted about $2k and when we added the foundation and frame, we were pretty close to our budget. A queen bed is about $1500.  I ended up purchasing a Saatva mattress after all my online research and couldn’t be more pleased with the restful night’s sleep I get.

Most of us spend a third of our lives on our mattresses, so purchasing a mattress online shouldn’t be something we enter into lightly.

The obvious question is how can you buy a mattress online without trying it out?  The answer is you don’t have to. Most, if not all, mattress manufacturers will offer you a trial of a mattress for a given amount of time. I found these range from about 100 days to a full year. Of course most will require a small return policy fee. Saatva’s policy is 120 days return policy for purchasing a mattress online.

I love supporting companies that are made in the USA and you can trust that this manufacturer uses quality materials in their mattresses.

After sleeping on a foam mattress I knew that wasn’t for me. So this helped narrow down my online mattress purchase search.  I reached out to a couple companies with questions. Nectar’s email bounced back as undeliverable. Nice. I loved that I could just call a number with Saatva and a real person answered the phone and was able to answer all my questions about their mattresses and additional items I would need with my new mattress purchase like the foundation and frame.


What is coil on coil and why is this a premium feature for mattresses whether you buy online or not? 

Saatva mattresses are made with a  dual support coil system. They are more supportive and comfortable than single coil structures as wells as much more durable as the strain of the body’s weight is distributed among two series of coils instead of just one like most mattresses manufacturers. This leads to higher quality sleep for a much longer period of time. However, because of the cost of production, coil-on-coil units average around $3k. But Saatva reduces their cost by having no showroom or middle men. 

What is the quality of the mattresses that are produced?

I especially like to support companies that produce their product in America, which I love about Saatva. And the lower carbon footprint is fantastic too. I’m very proactive about my family’s health. To that end, we don’t buy food produced in countries like China and Thailand that don’t have strict regulations. And that extends to products we buy as well. Who knows what kind of shortcuts they take?

I remember visiting China factories when I worked for a manufacturing company years ago. The working conditions of those poor workers were awful. Like one lightbulb in a huge room of 30 -40 people while they weaved baskets together. And cardboard masks with clear glasses for welders.  That’s why I really want to buy a made in America mattress that is subject to US regulations.

The delivery process of ordering Saatva mattress online?

It was easy peasy. Once I selected what I wanted I ordered online but you can call the number and place your order should you prefer to talk to a human being. It won’t be quick though. Every Saatva mattress is made to order, so it took about 3 weeks from the time I placed my order online for my mattress to be delivered. Ooh, plus, their white glove service means they will take away your old mattress (good riddance!) and completely setup your new one.


Rest up well when you buy from the online mattress company.

Now that I’ve slept on the Saatva mattress for 30 days I can tell you, I am happy with my decision to go with the Saatva mattress vs other brands you can purchase online. Both my husband and I sleep well through the night, not waking up with neck or back pain that would sometimes happen with our old mattress.

I will tell you that it took about 2 weeks for the mattress to “break in” as it was pretty firm when I first laid on it. Tip: smaller people (under 130 lbs like me) may prefer a more plush mattress because our bodies don’t have a ton of weight to push down on a firm mattress. I chose the luxury firm mattress though when purchasing my mattress because of 1.) I thought my husband would prefer this one and 2.) I sleep on my stomach often and that is not recommended for soft / plush mattresses.

If you aren’t able to pay cash for your Saatva mattress, there is financing available should you prefer that. You can do it directly through Saatva and if you pay it off within 6 months you won’t pay any interest!



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