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4 Practical Alaskan Vacation Ideas for New Travelers

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Alaska has some of the most interesting wildlife and gorgeous views in the world, and it’s an excellent vacation choice. Whether you’re interested in a quiet, luxurious getaway or an exciting trip to remote places, you can have lots of fun in this state. Take a look below at some of the most practical, easy Alaskan vacation ideas for new or inexperienced travelers.

1. Take a Trip to Anchorage

There aren’t many vacation options more simple and ideal for new travelers than a fun visit to a single city. Anchorage, Alaska, has been the setting of many notable movies, games, and TV series, and it’s one of the most well-known destinations in the state. You can spend your trip kayaking, exploring glacial valleys, touring the best natural views from a helicopter, and participating in other adventures. You can also stay at one of the luxurious downtown hotels or explore the historic Anchorage museum.

In summer, the sun doesn’t set until almost midnight, making it the perfect time to explore some of the local bars. Once you’ve got a good feel for the city, you can head out into the country and take in scenic Bird Point and the massive Girdwood Glacier

2. Cruise Along the Coast

No vacation is easier for new travelers than one that takes care of most of the planning with a single ticket. You can see some of the most beautiful wildlife and magnificent scenery in Alaska on a fun, relaxing Alaskan cruise. You can start from Vancouver or Seattle and then cruise past Vancouver Island, several interesting towns, and many other sights.

In Juneau, you can enjoy whale watching, exploring an ice field, dog sledding, and a breathtaking rainforest garden downtown. Sitka has the Alaskan Raptor Center, so it’s a great stop for people who love birds. Bear watching and a totem tour are available in the same area. With a seaplane tour, you can view this awesome landscape from above. For a more rugged experience, you can combine your cruise with up to three nights of camping at Denali National Park & Preserve.

3. Relax in a Wilderness Lodge

City life and hard work can lead to lots of stress over time. Sometimes the best vacation is the one you can relax into completely. Unwinding at one of the many wilderness lodges that dot Alaska is easy. Every imaginable amenity is available, and you can decide whether you want to try roughing it or pamper yourself. The scenery is amazing, and you can literally get away from it all.

4. Visit the Home of the Alaskan Gold Rush

New and less experienced travelers can also focus their vacation on Alaska’s rich history. Alaska’s gold rush was one of the most monumental events in the state, and you can take a trip back in time to those gilded years in Skagway, Alaska. The historic town nearby is now called Klondike Gold Rush National Park. More than 40,000 people descended on the area beginning in August of 1896. You can pan for gold like these prospectors at many locations in the park. You can also see alpine lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and plenty of wildlife.

All of these ideas are ideal for new travelers booking their first big vacation. In Alaska, you can enjoy a unique, memorable experience while staying within your budget. It’s also a perfect place to take a break from the summer heat.

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