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6 Super Reasons to visit Kissimmee (Even if you are short on time)

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Are you planning a trip to Florida? If so, a trip to Kissimmee should be on your travel list. Kissimmee is a beautiful city in Osceola County, Florida, also known as Allendale. If you want to have a good time and experience a wide range of attractions on your vacation, this is the place to visit before it gets too late. 

Kissimmee is a popular tourist destination in Central Florida, thanks to its excellent weather, friendly locals, and amazing training opportunities for baseball lovers out there. Not just that, but it has a plethora of fun attractions, including Legoland, Kissimmee Lakefront Park, Brinson Park, SeaWorld, and many more. 

If you are unsure about this place, keep reading, and you will learn about Kissimmee’s beauty and why it might be an ideal tourist destination. Below is a list of amazing must-visit attractions you can only find in Kissimmee. Let’s check out the six major reasons to visit this place in your upcoming holidays.

  1. Disney World

The globally recognized tourist attraction Disney World is hardly half an hour’s drive from Kissimmee! All the more reason to visit this beautiful place as it gives you a golden opportunity to visit everyone’s dream holiday destination. 

Planning a visit to Disney World ranks among the greatest and best things to do in Kissimmee with your loved ones. Not just that, but you also get the chance to visit the four primary theme parks listed below:

  • The world of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
  • The Worlds of Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios.

Once you get inside Disney World, there are countless activities for everyone. You will probably run out of time trying to explore this massive place. There is a huge variety of everything inside Disney World, from food to shopping, entertainment shows, etc.

  1. The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournaments

Medieval Times Dinner is a family dinner theatre that features sword fighting, jousting, and theatrical games of the medieval era. It has become a well-known tournament site in Kissimmee because of its unique style of serving visitors. T

here are numerous special games and plays that used to be held in the 90s that you can enjoy there. You and your family will have a great time visiting this place, with the spell-binding tournament lasting for 2 hours. 

People come from all over the world to witness the amazing festivities inside the Medieval Times Dinner, with mouth-watering dining options for your entire family. Yes, a wide variety of food is available, from roasted chicken to cheesy lasagna, non-alcoholic drinks, and fine champagnes. 

Also, it does not stop here! You will be surprised to know their ongoing list of delicious desserts. The list includes options like paste de poires, honey cakes, puddings, tarts, marzipan cakes, doughnuts, and many more. Consider this place a complete, wholesome package to spend a memorable evening with your loved ones. 

  1. Legoland

Apart from Disney World and the Medieval Times Dinner, you will find another exciting site in Kissimmee; Legoland. This famous park offers more than 55 attractions to its visitors. Some of the greatest and most visited attractions in Legoland are:

  • The Dragon Coaster 
  • Grand Carousel
  • Aqua Zone Base Racers
  • The Great Lego Race
  • Flying School
  • Ninjago the Ride
  • Beetle Bounce
  • Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure. 

If you want to avoid big crowds, the best days to visit Legoland are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. With a drop of 50 feet and a top speed of 35 miles per hour, “The Great Lego Race” is Legoland’s scariest and gloomiest ride. Like Disney World, Legoland gets you hooked on never-ending activities, and it will be impossible to leave this place. 

Here are some of the best restaurants that you can visit while exploring Legoland: 

  • Fun Town Pizza and Pasta
  • Ninja Kitchen
  • Ultimate Sandwich Builder
  • Food Truck
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Burger Kitchen
  • Funnel Cake Factory
  • Heart Lake Ice Cream Parlor
  1. The Lakefront Park

Do you want to unwind and take a break from your everyday life?  If so, there’s nothing more you could want now than to visit Lakefront Park. The calming sight of the park from above is breathtakingly beautiful. People visit this park in all its glory as they want to witness what happens when peace and harmony come together. 

Lakefront Park is the best place for a relaxing picnic while watching the sunset, catching a boat ride, and eating delicious food. You can visit this beautiful location at 1104 Lakeshore BLVD with your friends or family. Also, a lighthouse nearby could make up for an excellent spot to take some great pictures. This park is a much-needed getaway to happiness while visiting Kissimmee.

  1.  Wild Florida

If you want to have a thrilling and out-of-the-world adventure, then visiting Wild Florida is the best option for you. You will also find an Alligator Park inside, where you will have the chance to see over 200 different species of exotic animals! 

Wild Florida is another famous attraction of Kissimmee, which offers drive-through safaris, gator parks, and airboat experiences to its visitors. The specialty of this wildlife park is that it keeps coming up with exciting new adventures for everyone. From kids to adults alike, this place is a haven for all the explorers and wildlife enthusiasts out there! It wouldn’t be wrong to say it is everything an adventure seeker has ever wanted to witness. To seal the deal, this park offers a variety of tempting food for everyone! 

  1. SeaWorld 

SeaWorld is an ideal place for all sea lovers visiting Kissimmee. It is no less than a perfect place for people who take a keen interest in marine life and want to experience it up close. 

SeaWorld offers astounding views and activities for the whole family. Once inside, it is an entirely different world, and you wouldn’t want to leave at all. 

One of the greatest experiences at SeaWorld is watching the “Empire of the Penguins,” where you will see five different species of penguins. Moreover, having lunch with orcas playing in front of you is one of the kids’ favorite spots. 

There is a dolphin and flamingo cove, yet another amazing sight to explore. Not just that, but the Manta Aquarium gives you a 360 view of the aquarium! 

Inside SeaWorld is known as the Shark Encounter, one of the largest underwater tunnels. You will surely get the chills inside this tunnel as you will be surrounded by large sharks

The excitement does not end here. The Wild Arctic tunnel with beluga whales and walruses is so beautiful that you cannot stop looking at them. 

If we talk about rides, countless rides are offered at SeaWorld, like the Surf Coaster, Icebreaker, Mako, Infinity Falls, and Manta. 

The Bottom Line:

Now that you know all the major and exciting reasons to visit Kissimmee, start packing your bags immediately! This place is packed with adventure, and you will wish to explore it time and again. So, it is time to plan your next holiday trip to Kissimmee and explore it with your loved ones. After all, it is an all-in-one tourist destination offering something to everyone! 

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