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Banning Mills in Georgia is basically an adult playground! [tree houses, hiking, zip lines, oh my!]


If you like outdoor adventures, you should head to Banning Mills which is outdoor adventure lover’s paradise! Here you can stay in a treehouse overnight, go on a zip line adventure that features the longest zip line (Guinness World Record Holder).

Disclosure: my experience and overnight at Banning Mills adventure park in Georgia was complimentary.

It’s hard to believe that such a wonderful spot exists just about an hour away from Atlanta but it does! The place is called Banning Mills. I’m going to tell you how to have the best experience at this lovely Georgia adventure zip lining and treehouse spot. But first let me share a bit about our chariot that got us to Banning Mills.

Thanks to Chevy for loaning me the 2020 Chevy Camaro for my drive to this adventure center in Whitesburg, GA. I loved the power of this car! We easily sailed through interstate traffic with our Camaro and I loved the power it gave me to navigate the roads in Atlanta too. And just look at those bucket seats in the Camaro? They were so comfortable and heated up in no time to warm us up during our ride.


Everyone should get to drive one of these awesome cars at some point – love the Chevy Camaro!


So, if you love zip lining you can most certainly make a day trip out of this and you will have an incredible time. But you are really in for a treat if you come and stay overnight at Banning Mills. We made our way up here on a Saturday afternoon in November and now I can’t wait to return!

A bit about Banning MIlls: This was once a mill town that even produced its own electricity. But as things evolved, Banning eventually became a ghost town. However, the owners decided that there was still opportunity to make this a tourist destination and created the adventure center it is today. And Banning MIlls holds a Guinness World Record! How cool is that?

Guinness World Records: one for the largest zip line canopy tour and adventure destination, and one for the tallest freestanding artificial climbing wall.


If you have a fear of heights, this zip line adventure might not be for you

What is a treehouse room like?

After arriving at Banning Mills in the late afternoon we checked in and got settled into our treehouse lodge. I know it sounds silly, but it has always been on my bucket list to spend the night in a treehouse. When I was a kid, I always wanted a treehouse but we never had one, so maybe that’s why I’ve always though they were so cool. Plus, the tree houses at this adventure park in Georgia have everything you need – queen bed, television, large tub for a bubble bath! But you know what my favorite part about the treehouse stay was? It was the back deck. Yes, these tree houses even come with a deck overlooking the water.


These tree houses are really popular in the fall so book in advance.


There’s even a deck off the back of the treehouse. They really thought of everything with this adventure park.

After we got to our room and were settled in a bit, we made our way back to the main lodge where dinner is served. You can choose to dine here or you can take a drive to a nearby restaurant, but I’d encourage you to stay on site and just dine at their restaurant. It is super cozy and the steak we had was delicious. Plus, there’ s also an adjacent room with a pool table. Glen and I started playing and thought we’d just play one game but we were having so much fun we ended up playing three games of pool that evening before retiring to our treehouse for the evening.


Play a game of pool in the main lodge at Banning MIlls

Fun times – a full day’s adventure zip lining

The next morning we got up and took advantage of the breakfast buffet that is included in our stay. I highly recommend you fuel up if you’ve signed up for a full day of zip lining. Eggs, bacon and all the fixings were offered on this buffet. And our adventure day of zip lining began at 10.

Choose your own adventure zip line

You may wonder, Where can I go for all day zip lining action? I really like that you can choose your level of zip lining at Banning Mills. They have four levels of zip lining at Banning Mills, so if you are new to zip lining or with someone who is, you could still do level one and you would experience nine zip lines in about 1.5 hours. But for full on thrill seekers, you have to do the level four tour, which is what Glen and I did. This five hour tour includes the famed Screaming Eagle 2,500 foot long zip line which reaches speeds of a 70-75 mph! You’ll also get to traverse a 600 foot long suspension bridge that hovers above Snake Creek (see pic below).

Other adventures you can have at Banning Mills adventure park in Georgia include kayaking, hiking, horseback riding and a rock climbing wall. Oh and if you visit in the summer, there’s a pool there too!

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I can’t tell you how fun the guides are at Banning Mills adventure park. It really made the five hours fly by. See what I did there? Plus, they take pictures of you and email them to you within a day of your trip. I love that this feature is included with your zip lining experience at no extra cost. Check out the photo above. They did this for each couple / family in our group and it was really appreciated!

The best tips for making the out of your visit to Banning Mills (home of the longest zip line in Georgia)

Stay overnight so you can enjoy more of the amenities at this adventure center in Georgia

Sure, it is doable to drive here to Banning Mills, spend the day zip lining, hiking and head home. We even zip lined with a father and son who were catching a plane out later that day. Believe me, you will not leave here disappointed. But it is so peaceful and relaxing at Banning Mills adventure park you will want to spend the evening and enjoy yourself.

Book your tree house stay in advance at this Georgia adventure site

So, if you have decided to spend the night at Banning Mills, you have several options – there is a lodge and the rooms are very comfy. But if you are going to adventure, shouldn’t you go all our and stay in treehouse? Of course you should! But be aware there are only a handful of tree houses at Banning Mills adventure center in Georgia, so you’ll want to book well in advance if you want to stay in one.


Enjoy the lovely cuisine at the kitchen at Banning Mills park

The chef is very creative at Banning Mills – so make sure you have dinner there during your stay. It is much easier than going off site, plus the cuisine is great. Pro tip: unlike other restaurants the menu is small and limited and you must order at least 24 hours in advance. We didn’t know this, so thankfully the chef set aside steaks for us. They truly were melt in your mouth delicious. So be aware if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies you should tell them well in advance.

Bring you own wine to enjoy – you’ll need it after a day of zip lining adventures

If you plan to enjoy wine (or any other adult beverage with dinner or later on) bring it yourself. I’ll be the first to admit, our service was pleasant during our visit, but this is not the place you’ll find a full bar or a huge wine selection. If this is important, pack your own.

Visit in the fall (mid to late November) for great weather at this adventure park and less crowds.

During our visit we asked the guides about their busy season. Spring and especially summer find this adventure park in Georgia full of thrill seekers. It is so busy, if you are looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, you may not find it during their peak time. But if you go during the fall, you are in for a treat. Bonus: go during the week on a fall day you will probably have a guide to zip lining all to yourself (so say the guides).


The best time to visit Banning Mills adventure park is in the fall


So are you ready to get your adventure on? If you like zip lining, you should absolutely check out Banning Mills adventure park. Go for the extra splurge and stay in the tree house too!

Banning Mills website 

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