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My Charity Trip to India: Contrast, Culture, and Culinary Adventures


I wrote about my trip to India for this month’s Buckhaven Magazine. Overall, the experience was beautiful, heartbreaking, thrilling and scary. Read about the trip in Buckhaven Magazine here.

Last fall, I visited India for the first time in over 30 years. I traveled back to India with my dad and brother. But this wasn’t a vacation for us. We founded a charity for orphans (in honor of my late mother) and this was the inaugural visit to lay the ground work for what we intend to do, how we plan to grow the foundation and meet with those that could help us expedite our goals. If you wonder why I’m so devoted to helping orphans, read my about me page.

We didn’t do this alone though. We had a crowd-funding campaign and many friends and family members graciously donated to help us with travel expenses and other costs associated with starting our charity.


Just a few of my new friends at the Orphanage in Mumbai

While we did accomplish much on this journey, I did take some time to sight see a bit and of course dive right in to the culinary delights of India. I only got sick once. But what was more scary than illness was the 5-hour perilous train ride I took from Delhi or Agra. You can read the full article in Buckhaven Magazine here.


Me and bro. We had no idea the crazy ride through crowded, narrow alleys we were about to embark on!

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