Friends television: Who they should have ended up with

Friends cast: who they should have ended up with

Sure, Rachel and Ross may have been destined to be together but almost other Friends match was wrong. Read who the Friends cast should have ended up with.

Ross – Rachel – Of course these two were meant to be together. You could tell from the first season that they would end up together. It was a matter of them dragging it out and we loved the writers for doing this to us with these friends.

Monica – Richard – While there are some couples who remain friends for years before getting together, this isn’t the case with most friends. The match of Chandler and Monica wasn’t a good one. We’d much rather have seen her end up with Richard, than Chandler. They broke up because Richard didn’t want to have kids and Monica did, remember? But he then came around but it was already too late.

Phoebe – David (scientist) – We can agree that Phoebe never really fit in with the group. True, Joey and Rachael didn’t have the income that the rest of the friends had, they still had similar upbringings. In today’s world, Phoebe would never have been friends with the rest of the gang.

Gunther – Rachel’s Mom – I would have loved to have seen this and thought it would have been a perfect addition to the Friends‘ story. You remember Rachael’s mom left her dad for, well, being a douche bag. And Gunther was in love with Rachael. So, why not the next best thing? I could have totally seen this story working out.

Joey – no one – Though Friends was an escape in and in no way like real life (how do a waitress and a chef afford that huge apartment?), And how does Rachael go from being a waitress to a well paid buyer at Ralph Lauren).? Right? So, we agree with the writers that Joey should have gone off to Las Vegas.

Chandler – Kathy. Sure. The logical pattern would have been for Chandler to end up with Janice. Ugh..that laugh. But he and Kathy made such a cute couple even though they were only together in a few episodes of Friends.


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