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Snake River Farms filet

Any steak connoisseur or anyone that wants to indulge a delicious meal owes it to themselves to find a good butcher. Think of Snake River Farms as your personal butcher delivering the best cuts of meat right to your door. Some of the items you can find are marbled prime cuts like t-bones, ribeyes, porterhouses, filet mignons, New York Strips, and American Wagyu beef. They even have huge briskets, perfect for a holiday celebration or feeding a crew or gourmet hot dogs.

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“When the beef comes from Snake River Farms you know you’ll get an extraordinarily well-marbled piece of meat that translates into exceptional flavor that diners will love.” – Chef Hugh Acheson

What is the difference between USDA Select or Prime and the Wagyu from Snake River Farms?

SRF founder imported purebred Japanese Wagyu cattle in the 1980s and bred them with American cows to create an entirely new breed. Their Wagyu beef develops marbling  that is unmatched by the top USDA grade of beef. From there, wet age steaks are aged for 21 days because the science says the point of optimal flavor and tenderness.

What is the quality of Snake River Farms steaks like?

Snake River Farms is unique in that they are able to control the entire supply chain, from the ranches where cattle are raised to their humane processing facility. If you’ve shopped for meat at most grocery stores, you know that there are practically no butchers left. When you buy meat at the grocer, they have already been prepackaged somewhere else not specially cut and trimmed on site. Snake River Farms are such high quality, many restaurants use them as their supplier for steaks.

Chef Hugh Acheson, a well known Atlanta chef says, “When the beef comes from Snake River Farms you know you’ll get an extraordinarily well-marbled piece of meat that translates into exceptional flavor that diners will love.” How cool is that? Having access to the same quality cuts of beef restaurants can offer?

How did I feel about the Snake River Farms box I received?

They were quite delicious. We were able to grill some steaks on the Big Green Egg and I have to say this is a match made in heaven! The best steaks on the best grill! If you are having a special celebration or hosting a family holiday meal, I’d suggest ordering from Snake River Farms. You can order boxes of a variety or just a specific cut. But I’d recommend order a variety of items as they come frozen so you don’t have to cook everything all at once.

About my filets from Snake River Farms?

Snake River Farms filet
Snake River Farms Filet

I’ve been off of filet mignon for many years. While I love the smaller size, I thought it lost the flavor. Instead my hubby and I would often split a good ribeye when we go out. I love the marbling. So, I was skeptical about these filets, but wowza did they impress. Going forward I’m getting filets from Snake River Farms.

Burgers and hot dogs from a luxury meat purveyor? Worth the price?

Hot dog in Iceland

I haven’t tried them yet, but I can tell you based on the quality of the steaks I’ve tried it’s a no brainer I’m gonna love these. Did you know I’m somewhat of a burger fiend? Gimme a good burger any day and I’m a happy gal. So these Wagyu beef burgers have got to be outstanding.

As for the hot dogs, I’ve sworn off traditional hot dogs you get at the grocery store – I mean I think we can all agree they are mystery meat. However, when I visited Iceland four years ago, my deep dive into the best food led me to learn of a hot dog stand that had supposedly the best hot dogs in the world. The line starts wrapping around the block for these dogs close to the lunch hour. Luckily I got there early and had this dog and it was decidedly delicious made with a mixture of pork, beef and LAMB. I can’t wait to try the ones from Snake River Farms! I’m sure they’ll give these Icelandic ones some stiff competition!

Snake River Farms packaging materials are environmentally friendly!

Just add water and the packing materials from this beef delivery company quickly dissolve.

If you are environmentally conscious, you probably are wondering about the packaging. I mean, have you ever ordered one of those meal kits? It’s crazy the amount of packaging they use – and people just through that away. I like that with Snake River, the materials can dissolve if you just add water. It was super easy and made us feel better about our choice.

Watch the video on the different meats and cuts of steaks like Brisket, Ribeye and Wagyu offered by Snake River Farms.

You can try out this phenomenal meat delivery company here.

Any meat lover needs to try this quality Wagyu blend of beef! It’s like having your own butcher who makes home deliveries!

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