Super Auto Pets Intermediate Guide – Best Tips and Strategies

super auto pets

In Super Auto Pets Guide, You will know how to play Super Auto Pets and outclass your opponents with the best Super Auto Pets Strategy. It is the perfect video game for you! Battle against other players at your own pace in this free-to-play chill auto battler game.

Super Auto Pets features two modes: Arena Mode, Asynchronous Match-Ups, and No Time-Turner. Super Auto Pets is a perfect online and turn-based video game. Family and friends can join the fun combat in the comfort of your home. The love for your favourite animals is now at a video game. Now available in Windows and IOs.

Let’s dive deep into this super autos pets guide!

Super Auto Pets – An Overview

Do you love the thrill of victory? Super Auto Pets is the perfect video game for you! Battle against other players at your own pace in this free-to-play chill auto battler game. With the right super autos pets strategy you can outclass other players with minimal effort.

You can play Super Auto Pets on steam, iPhone, Android and even on web browsers.

How to Install Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets iOS Login Screen
Super Auto Pets iOS Login Screen

Our well-loved online video game Super Auto Pets, developed by Team Wood Games, can be downloaded on iOS.  Go to the Team Wood Games website or Apple App Store,  search Super Auto Pets, and download the game.

Downloading Super Auto Pets from your iOS mobile app or desktop is so easy. Play also on your internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox). So many ways to switch from one device to another.

After downloading the game and accepting the privacy policy, create a username, and input your email and password to register. You can also play as a Guest to try the video game for the first time. Viola! You’re ready to go.

Super Auto Pet Requirement for iOS (iPad and iPhone) is iOS 11.0 or later.

How to Play Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets - How to Play
Super Auto Pets – How to Play

As an arcade-style video game, Super Auto Pet is easy to navigate. Explore the menu buttons such as Pets, Customize, Achievements, History, and Feedback.

You have the option to select between Arena Mode and Versus Mode.

If you chose Arena mode, select the animals you use to battle against an opponent.  In Versus mode, you can play against other players in Join Public, Join Private, and Create Private groups.

In the Pets button, activate various animal packs to upgrade. Buy some expansion packs with in-play purchases.

You can also customize your favourite virtual pets with Customize button in Menu. Equip your pets with stylish hats. You can change here the background of your battleground too.

The start of the interface is the Shop. This is where you can buy animals you put in the slot, food that has the effect, and the Roll button to change animal selection.

Begin playing with 10 hearts (10 lives) to play.

For fun-loving gamers, here’s how to play Super Auto Pets.

  1. Buy some pets and put them in available slots on the screen to create a team. Also, buy animals from the expansion and custom packs. 
  2. Name your team in the name generator.
  3. Click Roll in the button left portion of the screen on various options of animals to battle.
  4. Then, click the play button on top of the screen to hit each animal’s team.
  5. Buy different items and hats in the store to make your virtual animals stronger before the battle.
  6. Combine the same units of animals to level-up playing to increase their health and attack.
  7. Click the sword icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  8. Wait for the battle to end and get the result. Click the Auto-Play button to hasten the battle. Continue the fight against other teams to increase tier in the game.
  9. Review your battle events in the History section.

Now that we know the basics of playing Super Auto Pet, let’s jump into how your virtual animals can win in each battle by giving you basic strategies and tips.

Super Auto Pets Strategy

Super Auto Pets Strategy
Super Auto Pets Strategy

Less than 200 animals to choose from and 29 of these come from the standard pack. And 22 are specially released from Expansion Pack #1.

The other 57 are from Expansion Pack #2, the other remaining unique animals appear from the Weekly Pack.

With numerous animals, you can use, let’s strategize how to boost your virtual pet’s games.

What is the best strategy in Super Auto Pets?

Fish + Bison

Fish is considered the best tier # 1 pet in super auto pets. The best part comes when you upgrade it to level 2 and then level 3. Its stats are amazing with an excellent opportunity to scale your team. You can then match it with level 4 Bison and your team becomes so strong that nobody can beat it. Both of these pets have unique abilities which can contribute to the team’s collective effort.

What is the best animal in Super Auto Pets?

Ant – It is considered the best animal in super auto pets.

How to quickly Level Up in Super Auto Pets?

Only one food is able to level up your super auto pets and that is a chocolate bar.

  • Start with standard pack animals to familiarize yourself with how to combine different animals with each unique ability, strength, health, and special features.
  • Take your time mastering the game. No time limit on how to come up with the best combo pets.
  • Test the combo pets in the battle. Combining its ability can improve your pet’s stats to increase the chances of winning every knockout.
  • Sell unused animals to buy better pets instantly.  Level-up combo pets and prepare your team for the next higher tier.
  • Read forums and tips online for more strategies to apply in your next game.

Super Auto Pets Knockout

Super Auto Pets Knockout
Super Auto Pets Knockout

In the knockout round, your pets clash with another team’s animals. Two teams hit each other until one team becomes the last one standing.

When your team knocks out an opponent, you gain trophies and get a unique pet for free. Collect 10 trophies to win points.

Super Auto Pets Sloth

Sloth is very rare to see in the game. It has 1/1 stat and no ability.

Sloth Stats

Attack: 1 ?
Health: 1 ?
Tier: Tier 1 ?
Turn: Turn 1
Packs: Standard, Expansion #1, Custom

Sloth Special Abilities

Sloth is one of the unique animals found in Standard Pack. It has no special abilities, unlike other animals in this tier.

Super Auto Pets Skunk

Skunks show their ability when it reduces one of the opposing team’s health. It’s effective when you have more than one skunk in the game.

Skunk Stats

Attack  : 3 ???
Health: 6 ??????
Tier: Tier 4 ? ? ? ?
Turn: Turn 7
Packs: Standard, Expansion #1, Custom

Skunk Special Abilities

Level 1: Start of Battle – Reduce the highest health enemy’s health by 33%.

Level 2: Start of Battle – Reduce the highest health enemy’s health by 66%.

Level 3: Start of Battle – Reduce the highest health enemy’s health by 100%.

Super Auto Rhino

This pet causes a lot of damage to the enemy line. When Rhino knocks out an opponent, it damages the next opponent before it attacks.

Rhino Stats

Attack: 5 ?????
Health: 8 ????????
Tier: Tier 5 ? ? ? ? ?
Turn: Turn 9
Packs: Standard, Expansion #1, Custom

Rhino Special Abilities

Level 1: Knock Out – Deal 4 damage to the first enemy.

Level 2: Knock Out – Deal 8 damage to the first enemy.

Level 3 Knock Out – Deal 12 damage to the first enemy.

Super Auto Crocodile

The crocodile creates more attack points behind the enemy team with 8/16/24 damages at the start of the battle.

Crocodile Stats

Attack: 8 ????????
Health: 4 ????
Tier: Tier 5 ? ? ? ? ?
Turn: Turn 9
Packs: Standard, Expansion #1, Custom

Crocodile Special Abilities

Level 1: Knock Out – Deal 8 damage to the last enemy.

Level 2: Knock Out – Deal 16 damage to the last enemy.

Level 3 Knock Out – Deal 24 damage to the last enemy.

Super Auto Pets Tier List

There are less than 200 animals to choose from, and 29  come from the standard pack. The other 22 are from Expansion Pack #1.

The other 57 are from Expansion Pack #2, and 29 more animals are coming from the weekly releases.

The Free animals commonly used by gamers that usually appear in different tiers are as follows:

TierPackName of Animals
1Free/StandardCricket, Horse, Ant, Fish, Spider, Sloth, Duck, Mosquito, Beaver, Pig, Chinchilla
2Free/StandardPeacock, Elephant, Flamingo, Rat, Dodo, Shrimp, Crab, Spider, Hedgehog
3Free/StandardSheep, Camel, Kangaroo, Dog, Blowfish, Badger, Turtle, Wasp, Giraffe, Rabbit
4Free/StandardSkunk, Whale, Deer, Parrot, Squirrel, Worm, Hippo
5Free/StandardCow, Monkey, Chicken, Rhino, Shark, Moose, Crocodile
6Free/StandardFly, Reindeer, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, Lioness, White Tiger, Boar

Sell your pets one (1) gold per unit regardless of the tier they belong to. Better to plan what animal to use early on to maximize the abilities and tokens for the fight.

Super Auto Pets Name Generator

Super Auto Pet Name Generator
Super Auto Pet Name Generator

The Super Auto Pets name generator has three (3) adjectives and three (3) nouns for your team’s name. Get one adjective and one noun to add up for the team name.

Some of the combo names are cute and funny. Your parents or grandparent may even laugh at those.

Several examples of team names are:

  • The Cruising Bagpipes
  • The Flexible Uncles
  • The Soft Pillocks
  • The Fussy Dustbunnies
  • The Danish Soup
  • The Sulking Glasses
  • The Flopping Chipmunks

Super Auto Pets Road Map

Whether you’re a serious gamer or a casual player, a game road map is essential to improve your strategies moving along. Play Super Auto Pets depending on how you invest your time and money in the game. In a Standard Pack, we gained free virtual pets, to begin with.

As we move forward, Expansion Packs #1 and #2 give you more options for higher-level animals. Weekly Pack is also available at your disposal.

The in-game and out-game elements are also significant for you to enjoy battles. These are pet effects, food, tokens, hats, and battle backgrounds.

Effect. An added mechanic for an animal, either permanent or temporary effect. An animal has embodied an icon that represents that effect. It comes from the food bought in the shop or innate when triggers.

Food. Items that can be bought depending on each pack as your tier increases. Almost 20 foods as of the latest version are in the shop.

Tokens. Can be used in special conditions when the pet faints with some food.

Hats. These are stylish items that can be bought with points gained. Added abilities can be used when equipped for your pet.

Backgrounds. It’s an aesthetic of the battlefield theme and can be bought either with points or real money. Bot hats and backgrounds are seen on Customize button.

Super Auto Pets Hidden Achievements

One of the exciting parts of the game is the achievements your virtual pets acquired from winning against other teams. Top hidden achievements are:

  • Bus – when a summoned Deer faints, you’ll get a 2/2 Truck that has a Splash Attack ability
  • Chick – when a Rooster is summoned, you’ll have a 1 health Chick, half of an attack of the Rooster
  • Zombie Fly – when one of its teammates faints, Fly summoned a Zombie Fly that has a 4/4 attack and health stats and no ability
  • Bee – when the Honey Bee effect is gone, it summoned a Bee with 1/1 stat, and you’ll get the effect when you buy and equip an animal
  • Ram – 2 units of 2/2 Ram tokens called when a Sheep faints, stat increases as level increases to 4/4 and 6/6
  • Zombie Cricket – a token when a Cricket faints and starts at 1/1 with no ability
  • Loyal Chinchilla – a token summoned when Chinchilla is sold and stays a 2/2 level regardless of Chinchilla’s level

To unlock these hidden achievements, you must trigger the ability of the pet that possesses the tokens during battle.

Super Auto Pets Achievement Guide

Super Auto Pets Achievement Guide
Super Auto Pets Achievement Guide

You can track your achievements in the Achievements tab on the Main Menu. Get the stickers after gaining a Tier 3 Pet in-game level.

An added sticker or ribbon can be unlocked by winning the gaining 10 trophies with the pet at Tier 3.

At the start of the game, you’ll get 10 hearts. A loss reduces your heart in each turn but a win maintains your heart until you’ve got 10 trophies.

It’s better to win more battles earlier because losing several fights decreases some hearts. In a draw, no heart will be deducted. Keep the fight and apply your strategies to level up your Tier pet to select.

The game ends either you lose 10 hearts or gaining 10 trophies. The trophies you’ll collect give you points to buy items in the shop.

Ready to play? Download Super Auto Pet now!

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