50 Sensational Things to Do in Atlanta When it Rains

fun things to do in Atlanta when it rains

Atlanta is a fascinating city with a plethora of interesting activities to enjoy. But what if it rains? We all know that the weather in Atlanta can be pretty erratic, especially in the springtime. Luckily, Atlanta has so much to offer that the bad weather shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun.

Anyone who’s lived in Atlanta knows that it can be sunny one day and pour the next day. But guess what? It’s no problem. You can still enjoy springtime in Atlanta during the rainy days. The Empire City of the South offers plenty of interesting indoor activities for both adults and children.

Interesting things to Do in Atlanta On A Rainy Day

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We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 fun and interesting activities to do in the city. Sounds good? Let’s dive right in.

1. Puttshack for Mini Golf in Atlanta

Puttshack recently opened in West Midtown Atlanta and we love it! Much like other modern sporting places the score is tracked by an individual’s ball. We had so much fun trying our hand at mini golf. And you will too!

How’s your putt? Check out Puttshack in Atlanta!

There’s bar food and great cocktails to be had at Puttshack too!

2. Check Out a Virtual Shooting Range at Insight Virtual Ballistics

Some of the virtual shooting scenarios at Insight Virtual Ballistics

If you are new to shooting or never have done it, a virtual shooting range is a way to go. Insight Virtual Ballistics in West Midtown takes real guns and retrofits them so they can be used for virtual shooting.

How does this work? The barrel reservoirs are filled with a CO2 adapter on a CO2 tank with a siphon tube. These transform the firearms into laser-based firearms that have a similar recoil action to a real gun with ammunition.

Participants can choose their weapon whether than this a handgun or an assault rifle. I recommend using both so you can figure out which one you like best. But what I liked more than that was the owners Amy and Brian.

Brian, an ex-Marine is extremely kind and patient, even for a newbie like me.

Amy, owner of Insight Virtual Ballistics in Midtown, Atlanta

The rooms start at $199 for a group of 4. Plus, there’s more to come with them building out a bar in the back of the building. So the only question is – Will it be the 007 room or the Scarface room? Book your game here.

3. Topgolf – A Great Place to Go When it Rains in Atlanta

Great food and golf are excellent fun when it rains in Atlanta

As far as interesting activities for adults go, you can never go wrong with golf. And Topgolf has inside courses, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The best part is that you can hit the balls while enjoying some delicious food. 

4. See a Play at the Horizon Theatre
Photo courtesy Horizon Theatre

This lovely intimate theatre hosts an array of talented playrights and features so much talent it would be a shame

5. Have High Tea – When it Rains in Atlanta

Make a reservation for high tea or pop in for a spot of tea and pastries.

Certainly, those Brits are used to rain, living in England, so isn’t it appropriate to have high tea when it rains? We have several lovely spots both inside the city and in the suburbs for high tea or afternoon tea in Atlanta. So be sure to book online and take someone you love. Here are the best spots for tea in Atlanta.

6. Sweetwater Brewery 

burnt hickory brewery new beers
Burnt Hickory brewery’s new beers

Interesting summer activities often involve tasting new beers. And at SweetWater Brewery, you can enjoy craft beer comfortably, even on rainy days. Plus, you get to take a fascinating tour of the brewery. Here you can find the best breweries in Atlanta

7. Stars and Strikes Fun Indoor Activity When it Rains in Atlanta

Stars and Strikes is a fun way to spend a rainy day
Stars and Strikes is a fun way to spend a rainy day

Excellent bowling spots like Stars and Strikes is one of the reasons why this sport is getting more popular again. The 20 bowling lanes keep you well busy during rainy hours. And in case you get hungry, the place also offers gourmet food and excellent drinks.

8. SkyZone – Endless Indoor Interesting Activities for When it Rains

Skyone in Atlanta with its sky hoops, “warrior” course, and rock climbing make you forget all about the weather outside. It even has interesting activities for toddlers in the Tot Zone. So you can take the whole family along.

9. Southeastern Railway Museum 

If you’re interested in trains, then the Southeastern Railway Museum is a must-see place on a rainy day. They have retired train cars and replica old train stations in a warehouse to check out. And make sure to check their calendar for any special events to catch.

10. Public Markets Like Krog Street are great fun when it is raining in Atlanta

Atlanta’s public market spaces are not only for shopping. They’re also great places to dine and hang out. Krog Street market even has occasional workshops and classes. 

fruits and vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

11. Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

MODA is the place to go in Atlanta if you’re looking for interesting cultural activities. The exhibitions are about graphics, product design, fashion, etc. You can learn a lot there on a rainy day.

12. Marietta Fire Museum 

This firefighting museum stands out with its gift shop. After exploring the firefighting uniforms, vehicles, etc., you can get a cool shirt or a hat to take home. And get this: the tour itself is free of charge. 

13. LEGOLAND Discovery Center

The whole family will love a trip to the Legoland Discovery centre on a rainy day. It has a 4D cinema, activity stations, etc. And just in case you’re wondering if the place has any interesting activities for teen girls to do, check this out: they have karaoke.

14. Chattahoochee Food Works – When it rains in Atlanta

There's always some fun cuisine to try at Chattahoochee Food Works (a great place to be when it rains)
There’s always some fun cuisine to try at Chattahoochee Food Works (a great place to be when it rains)

Food halls have become an excellent way to spend the day. I know. I spent many hours wandering the very cool food stalls in this new spot. Here you can find everything from tasty breakfast treats to Vietnamese delicacies to luxurious sweets. Definitely, a fun way to spend an afternoon when it rains in Atlanta.

15. Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

This museum about the 39th US president even has a replica of the Oval Office. It has plenty of educational and interesting activities for high school students and their history-loving parents.

For example, you can take a virtual tour through “A Day in the Life of the President” to see what it takes to be the head of the state for a day.

 Jimmy Carter  - 39th US President
Jimmy Carter – 39th US President

16. Check Out the Void – VR Experience When it Rains in Atlanta

At The VOID at The Battery, the VR experiences involve being in a series of small rooms the size of elevators.

The Void is a VR experience located in Truist Park. Just put on those funky goggles and you will be in for a heart-pounding experience whether that is being transported to the wild west or you are fighting space troopers on another planet. The Void is a fantastic time for kids and adults.

17. High Museum of Art

You can see excellent exhibits at the High Museum in Atlanta

The over 15,000 works in this museum are sure to keep you busy during a bad weather day. Plus, after marvelling at the artwork, you can enjoy some delicious coffee at the cafe. And make sure to drop by the museum shop before leaving.

18. Georgia Aquarium

Head down to the Georgia Aquarium on a rainy day. You get to see fascinating saltwater habitats you didn’t even know existed. Plus, there’s the 4D Funbelievable Theater to engage all your senses.

19. Game-X

Are you a fan of games like Reactoonz? Then you’ll love going to Game-X which has a wide selection of arcade games. And here’s some dating advice: there are no better interesting ice-breaking activities on a date than old-school video games. 

20. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Take the family to an adventure where they can learn about dinosaurs, flowers, and much more. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History takes you on an exciting trip to the past of our planet. The tickets are limited so get them online before they’re sold out.

21. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are an entertainment trend that keeps getting more popular. They’re interesting warm-up activities before a party night. Solving puzzles to escape a locked room gives your group enough to talk about all night long.

An Escape Game is a great idea for double or even triple dates

22. CDC Museum – Most Fascinating to Do When it Rains in Atlanta

cdc-museum-fun-when it rains in Atlanta
Look at how cool this art exhibit in Atlanta at the CDC museum is!

Can you believe the CDC has a museum that is free to explore? The museum is fascinating because there is an exhibition where artists use diseases in their art. Plus you can explore the many timelines of how the CDC has helped cure unimaginable plagues and diseases throughout history.

hazmat suit at the CDC in Atlanta
You can even try on this hazmat suit at the CDC in Atlanta

23. Park Tavern – when it rains they pour!

Park Tavern in Midtown Atlanta has a phenomenal location, adjacent to Piedmont Park. Sure, it is beautiful when it is a bright, sunny day. But if you are close by when it starts raining, the lovely restaurant pours $1 drafts.

24. Atlanta Monetary Museum

What better way to spend a rainy day than being surrounded by money? In the Atlanta Monetary Museum, you can learn how money gets made and study its role in our everyday lives. It’s a valuable education for the whole family. 

25. Andretti Indoor Karting 

Karting is not only one of the fun things to do at Andretti. There’s also a laser tag, a rock wall, etc. And parents can enjoy a meal at the restaurant while the kids play.

Andretti Karting when it rains

26. SkyView Atlanta 

This climate-controlled gondola takes you about 66 meters above Centennial Park. It gives you a gorgeous view of Atlanta’s downtown. Opting for a more expensive ride gets you a glass floor and sportscar-style seats. 

27. Medieval Times – Jousting Tournament is a lot of Fun When it is Raining Outside in Atlanta

This place takes you back to the time when jousting was a great form of entertainment. You’ll enjoy watching all the action from the comfort of your seat. The best part? You’ll get to dine with the royal court while the knights compete. They offer discounts for teachers and members of the military. You can book Medieval Times here.

28. Salud! Cooking School

Anyone can up their culinary skills every once in a while. Learning new recipes and techniques is a fun way to keep the rain blues away. And let’s not forget: the result will be delicious.

29. Western Art Museum – the Booth 

Here you can see the story of America through the eyes of Western artists. The works are from the 20th and 21st centuries. You won’t see anything like it elsewhere in the southeast.

30. Bury the Hatchet – (Axe throwing When it is Raining in Atlanta)

Have you tried axe throwing? Most people haven’t, so you’ll be competing with other first-timers. But trust us, there’s no better way to relieve stress than wielding an axe at a target.

31. Board & Brush 

Even non-artistic people can enjoy interesting watercolour art activities at Board & Brush. The studio’s decor and a stress-free environment are perfect for creative experimentation. Who knows, you might discover a painter inside you.

32. Paint the Town – When it Rains in Atlanta

Here’s another place to explore your creative side. But get this: you do the art while sipping a drink. What could be more fun?

33. Decatur Glassblowing is fun when it is raining in Atlanta

Decatur is Nate Nardi’s showroom for his glass art. His creations are stunning and will leave a lasting impression on you. You can even take a class in glass blowing yourself. 

34. Skating Rink Cascade

The Roller skating dance is fun! And everyone from first-timers to little kids to pros is welcomed at the Cascade skating rink. It’s the perfect place to spend a rainy Friday evening.

35. iFly – Indoor Skydiving when it rains in Atlanta

Feel the rush of adrenaline from skydiving at iFly. There’s no parachute to stop your fall, only a smooth air cushion on the floor. It’s super safe, and most importantly: super thrilling.

36. Bodies, the Exhibition 

“Bodies” is an amazing exhibition of the human form. There’s a lot to learn about human anatomy here. You’ll be amazed at the human inner physical beauty.

37. VIP Southern Tours are a great option when it is raining in Atlanta.

Ever thought about heading up to North Georgia for a wine tour?

You might think a bright, sunny day, but even a gloomy day is fantastic when you are with VIP Southern Tours. These tours are complete with wine tasting, lunch, and even transportation.

Even wine connoisseurs will find new tastes from this day’s full day of savouring. And if you’re new to the world of wines, you’re in for a ride.

VIP wine tours north georiga
VIP Southern Wine tours is the best way to see multiple wineries in North Georgia

38. Starlight Six Drive-In Cinema

This drive-in cinema gives you the ultimate 1950s cinema experience. You’ll get a small FM radio for the sound and get something to eat from the snack bar. And it doesn’t matter whether it pours or not: it’s warm and dry in your car. 

39. Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

Are you looking for a night of theatre? The Shakespearean Tavern Playhouse has a theatre, live music, and sword fights to keep you entertained. All the while enjoying drinks and food. 

40. Margaret Mitchell House

Miss Margaret holding up a copy of Gone With the Wind

Do you have a love for literature? Or maybe you’ve been a fan of the movie Gone With the Wind? This house museum takes you into the history behind both of the works.

41. The Painted Pin is a great way to spend an afternoon when it is raining in Atlanta

bowling at the painted pin atlanta
The Painted Pin is a great way to spend an afternoon when it is raining

The Painted Pin is another bowling alley. But this time an upscale one. You can also play shuffleboard, ping pong, and bocce ball.

42. Michael C. Carlos Museum

Here you can get a rare glimpse at artefacts from ancient civilizations. The Americas, Rome, Greece, Egypt, etc., are all represented. You might get some ideas for your home decor.

43. Delta Flight Museum

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to fly a Boeing 737? The flight simulator in the Delta Flight Museum lets you experience it. Plus, you can explore cool vintage jets.

44. CNN Center

The CNN Center allows you to take a peek behind the workings of a massive news organization. You can learn how live broadcast works. Kids will find it fascinating.

45. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a great place to go when it rains in Atlanta

See a match or concert at Mercedes Benz stadium on a rainy day

Go and see an Atlanta United Soccer game here. On non-game days you can also get a guided tour through the facility. It’s not often that sports fans can see what’s happening behind the scenes of stadiums. Protip: avoid the pricey parking decks and just take public transportation.

46. Go to a selfie museum in Atlanta when it rains

things to do in atlanta when it rains
Got to an Instagram museum

Selfie museums have popped up all over the place. There are full-time and temporary ones too. Temporary structures. Some have taken residence in malls and others are temporary, just resurfacing once a year, but they are great fun.

47. Fox Theatre 


Take a tour back to the old days of the Fox Theatre. It’s the biggest movie palace in the southeast and has a fascinating history. Opened already back in 1929, the theatre has seen a lot.

48. College Football Hall of Fame

The history of college football has great players and coaches worth knowing. You can learn all about them here from the over 50 interactive exhibits. There’s also an indoor 45-yard football field to throw a few balls yourself.

49. Center for Civil and Human Rights

The civil rights movement has impacted similar developments in other countries. You can explore all about the global reach of these ideas here. It’ll be a valuable history lesson for both the kids and parents. 

Center for Civil and Human Rights is a good place to find yourself when it rains

50. Dad’s Garage Theatre  

There are very few things that are as fun as Catching a show of improv comedy at the Dad’s Garage Theatre. If you can fit it into your schedule, you can also take an 8-week improv class. In two months you can perform for your friends and family yourself.

How many of these fun things to do in Atlanta when it rains have you tried?

So this was our list of fun things to do in Atlanta. Some of these interesting free activities you can do anywhere, anytime (visit markets, museums, etc.). Others need more pre-planning (going on a date at the Painted Pin). But the bottom line is this: the rain doesn’t stop you from having fun in Atlanta. 

What are some of your favourite interesting summer camp activities when it rains? Let us know in the comments!

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